Thinking of writing a story..

Discussion in 'Be The Booker' started by DarksideTrin, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. Just for fun about a rumble match with 40 entrants with stars from wwe tna and Roh.

    Doing a random draw for entrants and writing out the story as I go.

    Anyone interested?

    Note I have a draft started with the first 4 entrants done.

    Just wondering if there is any interest If I do it in parts.... Otherwise it would be a very long read.
  2. I'll read it.
  3. I'd read it.
  4. Do it, I read everyone's stuff in this section.
  5. Workin on it...
  6. I'm interested . Go for it
  7. I read and comment (even though it appears to have the exact opposite effect of my intents) on all the BTB's here. Doing in parts is for the best, not just because of length, but because it's going to be fun to do have some wild guessing to who'll be eliminated next or who's coming out next.
  8. Going to try to have part one up sometime this weekend. Daughters have a cheep comp so it may slow me down
  9. I also don't even know myself who's going to come out or win... I random draw it as I go along
  10. Sometimes the best way. Lol.
  11. Makes it hard to formulate a story, but it keeps it great for me as well
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