third generation wrestler returns to smackdown for dark match, beats IWC darling

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Sep 5, 2012.

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  2. I hate DiBiase :@@
  3. Hopefully Ted will be back soon, he was pretty talented but that theme he has must go
  4. & The fact he's always injured, hopefully if he is returning he's full fit, and Injury free.
  5. Ted has only suffered two injuries in his career. He broke his wrist in December but he worked with that in a brace. Then a spot was botched at a house show in January and he broke his leg.
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  6. :@@

    I like him; he gots some fine ass.


  7. Are you sure you are a wrestling fan and not just a fan of men in trunks in general?
  8. I like his theme!

    "I come from money/I come from class/These ladies love me/For all my cash ASS.//
  9. Thanks for the update Stopspot. Seem's like he's been out for along time. The Fact WWE is forever changing how would you use him? Heel or Face Tag Team?, Singles competitor?
  10. Again, you sure your a wrestling fan and not just a fan of men? :burns:
  11. ex-wrestling fan, chump. #HeelTurn

    Fine. I love Ted when he was in Legacy, but he works sloppily now + he's pretty busy with his foundation.
  12. Nice to know he'll be back soon.
  13. lol he has one of the worst themes in WWE today
  14. Possibly one of the most boring superstars WWE has atm.
  15. His music doesn't fit his character anymore...if he comes back as a heel keep it.

    But if he is a face still doing the DiBiase Posse.. Then change it!
  16. Change it either way, that autotuned bullshit sucks ass
  17. Excited to finally see some of both. The real shame is i cant youtube these dark matches that are almost ALWAYS imo match of the night.
  18. True, they have undercard wrestlers who are normally good in the ring and they must have quite some time to work the match.
  19. Love you leo, I gain credibility everytime you agree with me. Dibiase vs ambrose was probably awesome. Ambrose and punk vs anyone would be dope.
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