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Tama Tonga’s Twitter
Early Monday morning, Tama Tonga dropped this on Twitter...

Next Generation. #BulletClub

— Tama “The Plumber” Tonga (@Tama_Tonga) January 27, 2020
It got a reaction. The current Bullet Club logo is the among most iconic in wrestling history. Though the wrestlers who were wearing shirts emblazoned with it at the peak of the group’s popularity are now in WWE and AEW, it remains extremely popular.

To change it at all, let alone for something that looks like it could be for a team from the 2001 version of the XFL, seems like a really bad idea.

The Bad Boy says "don’t worry"...

We appreciate everyone’s input. Don’t worry, this is not a logo replacement but part of something bigger. Enjoy the ride.

New Generation. #BulletClub

— Tama “The Plumber” Tonga (@Tama_Tonga) January 28, 2020
And hints it might not be for minor league football, but possibly eSports-related...

Kam @ SawCon ✈ on Twitter

— Tama “The Plumber” Tonga (@Tama_Tonga) January 28, 2020

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