This AJ/Cena thing is really cringey

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Nov 27, 2012.

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  1. This AJ/Cena thing is really cringey seeing them make out after the Cena/Dolph match was just me face palming. Please god just end this shit this is just as bad as when AJ was snogging the face off of CM Punk
  2. I don't like it either and just seems really weird to me. I think it'll end badly just as always because Cena didn't seem too thrilled about AJ kiissing him. It's either that or he's really bad at selling pleasure more than I thought.

    And to be honest, I actually did like AJ/Punk. There was more chemistry and, unlike Cena, he can actually sell a kiss.
  3. Kane/AJ Kiss in the middle of the ring/match>>>>>CM Punk/AJ kiss
  4. :true:
  5. Aj and Cena are cringe-worthy in general
  6. When the AJ/CM Punk stuff was happening there was so much chemistry between them but this stuff with AJ/Cena is awkward theres no chemistry and it just is weird
  7. Cena is seriously a horrible kisser.
  8. I'm a better kisser than Cena. And he gets plenty of practice!
  9. Well, I must agree, this thing is getting really annoying.
  10. The # 1 guy in the biggest wrestling company in the world can't even sell kiss, how the hell is he starring movies?

    I think I now get the source of problems between him and his EX wife, he apparently couldn't satisfy her with his horrible kisses..
  11. That second kiss sucked.

    PunkLee Just called B4. We got shot.

    ^^^ AJ kissing both CM Punk and Daniel Bryan you can clearly see the chemistry there.

    Cena really doesnt know how to act a kissing scene
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