This blew my mind..

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  1. "Boston truth revealed":


    I don't try to look too much into "conspiracies" (some take shit too far. ie; Alex Jones) but at the same time I believe there is usually some truth to some of these "conspiracies".

    Anyway, this blew my mind, man.

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  2. They were also doing drills during Sandy hook, and 9/11. Coincidence? I'm sure brit will know more. I'll post about it more after i get some work done and be a productive human.
  3. Wow. That's pretty incredible.
  4. The Batman Shooting, Sandy Hook & The Boston Marathon are all linked together. I don't consider things "conspiracies" if they is truth (proven facts) covered with lies (proven lies).
  5. There was a lot of sketchy shit going on with the Dorner story as well.
  6. Should have tagged me. Funny how the more tragedies happen the more people are willing to accept conspiracy theories. Just shows people aren't all that stupid and actually seek knowledge. deth , let's go to Amsterdam bro, before U.S. becomes a military state. I have a weed licence there. :burns:
  7. It's hard to think that maybe this is fake or some of this it is, you need to be crazy or pretty smart to think like that
  8. Doesn't surprise me. Expected all this when it happened. US has always lied, and will continue to lie to it's people unless something changes.
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  9. And no, electing someone because they're black isn't the answer America.
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  10. Down.
  11. It isn't?

    We suck again.
  12. You have a weed licence in amsterdam?
  13. I've been saying this all along... Connecticut, Boston, Batman shootings are all set up.
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