This diva is a joke.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Messiah, Mar 27, 2014.

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  1. AJ Lee - The biggest joke of a champion I've ever seen in my life. It's like watching a little kid try to wrestle. She smiles constantly in WWE to hide her lack of personality. It looks like these woman in WWE could rip her to shreds in a real fight which makes her going over all the time not believable.. I'm not saying she has no wrestling skills, but everything else about her screams little kid.. I heard she still likes Pokemon to, which makes her a fucked up human being, considering she's 27 year's old in reality. Shocking, right? Thank God AJ is going to drop the title at WrestleMania, hopefully after she looses she leaves WWE and goes back to New Jersey or Chicago or where ever the hell she lives. Because AJ is not diva material.

    To be a WWE diva, you should be real;y attractive and a great wrestler. AJ is neither, at least the other divas have one of the qualities.
  2. Whilst I would agree, this just sounds like a troll post.
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  3. Does someone's personal interests or personality affect the quality of their wrestling? I think not.
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  4. Honestly the first burst of personality in WWE's Divas division in a long time. Best wrestler no but a good talent yes.
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  5. I remember this dude being an AJ mark with deathclaw. Clearly a troll, horrible attempt at a BLFFL.
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  6. Hm. You say that AJ sucks because, despite having wrestling skills, she doesn't look like she could beat the other divas up, but then you finish by saying that you just have to look good and/or have wrestling skills to be a good diva? I'm confused.
  7. I guess I'm the only one who expected to come in and see a picture of Eva Marie.

    Or Kelly Kelly.

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  8. LOL!

    She's such a messed up person for liking Pokemon! The horror of it all. How could she.
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  9. BLFFL, is that you??
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  10. Obvious troll, but while she looks like she's 12 it's not unbelievable for her to be pinning "giants" like Brie Bella. :pity:
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  11. Went and looked on he's page after what Nick said.

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  12. Don't care, hope Naomi Snake destroys her via CQC
  13. lol the only time i wish deathclaw was around.
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  14. So, I'm guessing you're a little jelly over........whichever Uso it is who's married to her (I know it's John and which one he is when I see him, but I can't remember which one is Jimmy and which one is Jey).

  15. I'm gonna safely assume the OP is definitely trolling because otherwise, he's well on his way to becoming the next BLFFL with posts like these (i.e. ones that contain nonsensical opinions, combined with what I count to be at least six spelling/grammar/punctuation errors.)

    Despite the obvious troll nature of the post, I'm willing to play along and produce a serious response.

    Yes, AJ is just a wholly boring personality, despite cutting the best Divas promo of at least the past few years (in my humble opinion, of course...) when she let loose on the Total Divas back in the Summer... and if you don't think she has much of a personality, what do you think of the other Divas? Natalya, Eva Marie, the Bellas, Funkadelics, etc. don't exactly excite and enthrall everyone with their colorful personalities. Well, not me anyway.

    AJ is attractive, has wrestling skills (which you yourself admit to her having at first, but then you take back at the end... kinda odd), and is over with the crowd. That's about all that you can ask from a Diva. And lol @ her looking like she's 12 years old. If your typical twelve year old kid looked that fine and mature, I'd be a registered pedophile by now. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  16. AJ Lee aint no joke..
    This thread is a joke!
  17. AJ is a slut who sucked Vince's dick to get noticed even Trent said it himself nobody liked AJ before all her pushes it doesnt take a genius to work how she got noticed
  18. Funny, people say she sucked Jay Lethal's dick to get here, but yet again she seems to be one of the most dedicated WWE diva's around. The only slut here is you a stupid slut at that congrats my first ignore! :happy:
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