This guy can't debut on NXT fast enough

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Oct 23, 2012.

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  1. Damn crazy British wrestlers :shock:
  2. That's how we roll. Looking forward to this guy.
  3. With that guy John Morrison won't be needed anymore. Imagine the spots PAC would take.
  4. Very good talent, Instantly will be one of my favourites because he's from the UK. Won't see him on Raw for around 2 years though knowing WWE.
  5. NXT? Is that a serious question?

    He can't come on Raw/Smackdown soo enough bro. His nick is "The man that gravity forgot". Indy based god.
  6. Looking forward to his debut, I hope they don't limit him that much.
  7. From that video he looks like he will suit WWE's style really well. And Testify, there's many guys who should be put straight onto Raw/Smackdown but won't. D-Bry had to do developmental ffs :lol1:

    Is this guy any good on the stick does anybody know? Not that he really needs to be!
  8. he looks pretty good :obama:

    550th post
  9. Oh goodness. :shock:
  10. He'll debut in NXT unfortunately.
  11. Interesting to point out Sin Cara didn't go to development. Since Pac has worked in America already he'll adapt with a lot more ease but I'd put him there, as R'Albin said Bryan was there. I'm pretty sure he'll be there one way or another though.
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