This guy is just a genius.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, May 3, 2013.

  1. Either:

    1) This is fake (doubt it since this guy is dope)
    2) Lots of fails were edited out
    3) He has swag levels on the scale of Bieber.
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  2. Was expecting this thread to be about me :okay: :finger:
  3. Said genius, not Punk mark.
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  4. If its real there will definitely be lots of fails and probably a few slaps too.
  5. The making of this video had to be 90% fails and 10% success.
  6. That isnt me IRL, fail crayo.
  7. Lmfao, I know that dude. I really doubt that's real, though.
  8. No way will most women let a guy just kiss them like that randomly and be OK with it. Not unless he tried this on 495 women and these just happened to be the handful who didn't respond with a slap to the face.
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  9. This is retarded lmao. Also very rapey.
  10. I think Crayo just secretly wants this guy to roll up on him and try to kiss him on the mouth.
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  11. They're probally transexuals.
  12. Definitely. The guy is hot as hell. It would be like getting a kiss from Bieber.
  13. Yeah, he teams with SimplePickup YT, seen some of their joint videos before.
  14. btw anyone who thinks these vids are genuine deserves more pity faces than I have time to type up.
  15. It looks like he was licking a skid mark off of her ass cheek :pity2:
  16. :gusta: but :true: :lol1:
  17. SimplePickUp and LAHWF did a collab on the same kinda thing, lol.

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