This is dedication.. R.I.P

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Rysenberg, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]
  2. :haha: silly Chinese people

    Not a bad way to go out though I guess. Seemingly drunk and watching football. Better than how most people go. RIP
  3. That's crazy someone would do that to themselves, RIP.
  4. Sleep deprivation. RIP Ayned Shleep.
  5. That's crazy..... at least he went out doing what he wanted to do. Rest In Piece :downer:
  6. A match lasts 90 minutes, not 24 hours.
  7. Also, sadly, this.
  8. ouch. RIP
  9. Well if matches come on at say 1 in the morning his time I'm pretty sure the 2 group matches were lasting 4 or 5 hours altogether with the break in between them and if he had to work early in the morning he was probably only getting an hour or so of sleep per night.
  10. When he comes back from work he has a good 7 hours to sleep. I call bs.
  11. You don't know his life. Maybe he was working two jobs. Maybe he went to the bar to get drunk before the matches. Maybe he was working 16 hour shifts in a sweat shop.
  12. So to say Euro's is the reason he died is slander then? That's the point I'm making.
  13. He died on behalf of his own stupidity in choosing to stay up and watch them as opposed to sleeping like a normal person would obviously. Whatever else he was doing during his day instead of sleeping also contributed to his exhaustion.
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