This is how CoD ends.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Oct 8, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. probably true. I don't follow the campaign mode.
  3. I've started to hate CoD. Sucks ass. :true:
  4. Very Creative.
  5. I think I only played like 2 of the story modes. I get it for the online play.
  6. My girlfriend is the opposite, she plays the storylines over and over again.
  7. The story lines are fun but I tend to skip them now. I love the online part of the game. The story lines are kind of repetitive like you posted above. lol
  8. Keep hold of your girlfriend, shame she can't beat you on fifa though... or can she? :haha:
  9. Lol she loves Fifa so much, but she sucks. Played her when she was Spain and I was Accrington Stanley and won 9-0. She gets mad easily :emoji_slight_frown:.
  10. Oh god, I had a girlfriend once she got super mad because I was whoopin' her ass on Halo with the sword thing, she raged and hit me with the pad.

    She said it was a accident.... I think she did it on purpose. :obama:
  11. :dawg:

    I use to play halo. I did horrible at it! I would maybe get 10 kills. I always died on accident on the high rise boards. I am better at COD. Not the best but hey, I can keep my KDR right around 1.12
  12. Lmao I think that's better than mine.
  13. If I ever get a bird I intend on playing strip Fifa with her. It's a genius concept that I came up with.
  14. :win:

    lol I think my best round was 28 and 1. I died at 26 so thats the most I have gotten before dying. I don't get past 16 often though. lol

    I get alot of 7-1, 10-1 rounds though. I am a sneaky player. they all hate me. hahaha I leave claymores by red barrels and I am an expert grenade chucker!
  15. Lol no wonder you're good, that's the opposite from me. I swear I have ADHD, I just get bored and run into the middle of fire to try and get one measly kill. Xanth is very strategic and smart when playing, where as I'm like "FOR DA LOLS" and run into the battle and die. Oh well, Fifa > CoD.
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