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Discussion in 'Be The Booker' started by Ryan Davis, Sep 27, 2014.

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    World Wrestling Entertainment, the recognized leader in Sports Entertainment. WWE, in 2014, is a PG rated company. It is a family friendly company. Rarely anything goes over the line and the sport of professional wrestling is looked past upon while the characters are created for the minds of children's’ likes and dislikes. This is where WWE wants to be, they thrive on that demographic. Well, who could possibly blame them? After WWE purchased WCW and there was no need for an “Attitude Era” anymore, the larger part of the audience left. It went away… but the children stayed. WWE had noticed that and focused on them. That is why men like John Cena and Daniel Bryan are at the top of WWE’s ladder… because they are very well-liked by the now larger demographic, the children. There has been constant complaining from older fans about the product… until 2012. In 2012, Paul “Triple H” Levesque turned WWE’s joke competition show into WWE’s newest developmental territory.

    That show, is NXT. It is packed with excellent wrestlers with great charisma and it is the favorite show of many, many professional wrestling fans. Although it is under the WWE branch, watching it, you would never know. A guy like Tyson Kidd, he made a very little impact in WWE while he was a part of “The Hart Dynasty” stable, but after that was through, he drifted away into nothingness. Then, he went to NXT. Kidd is able to shine, he is able to perform the way he wants and the NXT fans absolutely love it. Not only is NXT the place where potential-filled WWE Superstars come to, it is the home of WWE’s future superstars. Men like Sami Zayn, men like Adrian Neville, men like Tyler Breeze, Hideo Itami, Fergal Devitt, Kevin Steen, Enzo Amore, Kalisto, and the list goes on.

    NXT is no 3rd brand. It’s THE brand. It is where every professional wrestler and fan needs to be. NXT is the future of wrestling and it started back in 2012. Now, the year is 2015, NXT has soared to through the ranks on WWE Network, people can’t get enough of it. An action packed show every single week keeps fans hooked on both professional wrestling and the WWE Network. What will happen in 2015 for NXT? What will happen in 2015 for the home of the best professional Sports Entertainment? I guess you’re going to have to f*cking read my BTB to find out, right?

    Full Roster and more information will be released this Tuesday.

    SEPTEMBER 30, 2014

  2. i cant wait to see ric flairs girl start wwe
  3. Very cool! I look forwarding to reading this.
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  4. Aye is that chick jojo in NEXT?
  5. NXT
  6. Yup. She's a ring announcer.
  7. O wow that's cool
  8. Yup. You should definitely start watching NXT. It's a great show.
  9. yea I should O and I think Eva Marie should get more time in the ring
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