This is the dog you get....

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  1. When you have a wife, a 5 year old girl(at the time), and just watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua

  2. I like the hard wood floor furnishing, the Tv also looks nice. Dog is hidious.
  3. Sorry... about your dammmmmmmmmmmn luck
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  4. Oh God...
  5. That's not a dog.
  6. Kardashians are rolling over in their fucking graves.
  7. Yup....I know :sad:

    It's my basement Danny.
  8. Oh god, and It has a little cage with a little pink blanket, oh man.

    R.I.P. Masculintiy.

    You should buy this to compensate


    And I don't mean the hot girl.
  9. yo quiero taco bell
  10. Don't need to overcompensate for anything :Ryan:.

    If you guys ever have daughters and they give you the look, beg, and cry; you'll be in the same position I was. Saying no wasn't an option lol.
  11. I'd get her one of these instead:
    One of my all time favorite dog breeds, easily trained and they have very good health for dogs, almost no inheritable deceases.
  12. Cowboy Bebop eh?


    It was the damn movie! Take this advice, if/when you have kids, DO NOT take them to a movie that stars animals unless you want to own one.
  13. Never watched an episode of that anime to be honest. I've just always liked Corgis. Since I saw and episode on them on Breed all about it as a kid. I like dogs of that general size, terriers, daxons, bulldogs etc.
  14. If it were up to me, I would've gotten a Siberian Husky, what a gorgeous animal. I would call him George and I word hug him, and squeeze him.....
  15. Grew up with Huskies. Grandparents had two. Nice dogs but hard to train since they are such energetic bastards, not suitable for apartments or houses without yards.
  16. Have a house with a good sized yard :boss:
  17. If you ever get them I would suggest building a dog yard (fenced in area for them to run around in) and perhaps take up cross country running or skiing because trust me, the dogs will need it.
  18. [​IMG]

    If it makes you feel better this is essentially what we carry at my place, except the female version. Rat/mice eaters/neverending story superdogs.
  19. Unfortunately, I can't until this one runs its course, so to speak. By then the girls will be much older and not care so much about "cuteness"


    :Isee: It does actually, thanks
  20. I have female Dalmatian :emoji_slight_smile:
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