This is the one, lone thing in this world that can make me cry.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Zach, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. :cry:
  2. OMGOSH! I can't even watch them commercials! I tear up like 7 seconds in! The kittens get me every time!
  3. I am sitting here at 1 in the morning bawling because of this. :upset:
  4. I know! Its so sad! I have to change the channel on the TV when it comes on! Poor pups & kitties. People are so mean!
  5. Animals get mistreated also so do humans, they both get treated the same when it comes to all the abuses in the world. It does make me sad, but I know about this stuff, so it doesn't make me cry, because crying while watching a commercial won't do anything. Donating to these animals, reporting an animal abuser, or stopping one yourself is a sure way of actually helping these animals. It won't stop animal abuse forever, but you did save those animals, as oppose to sitting down and crying in front of a television or computer screen.
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  6. I either get angry while watching that, or I pet my cat while watching that.
  7. Animal cruelty disgusts me as does other humans being cruel to each other. The video doesn't make me cry though. I'm an emotionless **** :pokerface:
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