Kayfabe This Is The Start Of Something Great

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  1. *Ty Creed walks out to the ring to the usual booing of the crowd.
    He climbs through the ropes and grabs a mic.*

    'Ladies and gentlemen the greatest man in wrestling history has arrived and I come bearing great news, would you like to hear it?'
    *The crowd seem intrigued and start to chant 'Yes'
    'Well, I suppose I must tell you, are you ready? My news is very different to what I've said in the past, it is that I'm the greatest wrestler that has ever lived and I am in the best shape of my life, I am willing to break every bone in every man's body to get to the top and succeed my destiny, to be the best and destroy the best.'
    *Ty raises his arm to the unimpressed crowd, who seem displeased with Ty's 'special news'*
    'On the topic of crushing every bone in every man's body, this week on the greatest episode of Saturday Night Exodus I take on Caleb Hayes, a man that appears to not have washed in years and years, but anyway he seems pretty decent. But pretty decent won't cut it with myself and I am expecting to beat the dirty man with ease, so then Caleb, see you Saturday young lad.'
    * Ty drops the mic, leaves the ring and walks backstage.*