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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Solid Snake, Oct 11, 2016.

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    I started watching it today. It is 2 episodes in, I think the 3rd airs today.

    Wanted to make a thread for it. If you haven't watched it, thus far it has been an amazingly written show. I don't want to give a spoiler because the first episode basically lines up the story.

    Has anyone watched it on here? I watched the 1st two episodes and I love it already.

    You can watch the 2 first episodes here:
    This Is Us -
  2. Just got done watching the first episode... that ending threw me for a loop.. so awesome!

    About to watch the 2nd and 3rd episodes now..

    Thanks for making this thread and suggesting this!
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  3. I just noticed someone posted in here haha I am glad you enjoyed it. The first episode was SO GOOD! It was written like poetry almost.
  4. I just got done with this weeks episode and I cried once again... I feel like this story is going to have a life lesson and a sad part in every episode. By the end I was crying because it was both sad and beautiful.
  5. I'm shocked more people aren't watching this show. It is so good.
  6. I'm going to look into it. I think the wife mentioned it last week
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  7. It is really good. It isn't the typical "drama" that is meant for only women. Those usually annoy me.
  8. Just got done with episode 10 I believe it was. It wont be back till the 10th of January now.

    Uggg... I was crying. It is always tears of joy, tears of sadness, tears of fear. This show addresses so many issues people face and in such a poetic way. If anyone on here is interested in a show that is so real it hurts, then watch it.

    show spoilers (open)

    The family of the show is not a traditional one. The mother and father lose one of their babies and are left with twins. A doctor suggests they adopt a little boy who was left at a fire station. They do. The little boy is black and the family is white. They take him in and love him as their own anyways which is a beautiful thing. As the show progresses, we meet his father who was a brilliant musician and poet who turned to a life of drugs. The little boy, now a man with his own family hunts him down. He forgives him and begins to bond with him. Then he realizes that his mother knew who he was the whole time. Yesterday's episode (the one I watched today) teaches us something else about his father, that he had a boyfriend of sorts. That is just one part of the story. The twin sister has an eating problem which is something she had since she was a little girl. She starts going to a help group for it and meets a man she falls in love with. They break up because he quit on his diet, only he comes back on Christmas Eve and commits to his diet and to her. The show ended with something bad happening to him. The twin brother was a famous actor on a sitcom and quit because he wanted to be viewed as a real artist. He finds himself moving from california to new york city (where his adopted brother lives) and has his own issues from childhood with feeling left out unravel. Then you have the original father of the twins and the boy, who died. We don't know what happened to him yet because the story didn't reach that part yet but the mother did remarry, and it was his best friend. They have hinted at the father being abusive to the mother in one episode but didn't get in to it very deep, kind of left it open to interpretation. So as you can tell, this story has a lot going on but it has been so beautifully written.

  9. Just finished the last episode for season one....

    Show Spoiler

    So I thought it would end with us finally knowing how/why Jack died. I thought it was going to be from drinking and driving. I am actually glad they didn't reveal that yet. The ending of the last episode made me cry quite a bit. After that fight those two had and what Jack said, I don't even know. It is one of those things that makes you really get invested in someone on a show. With Rebecca and Jack both feeling like they aren't enough and how he proclaims his love to her after all those years went by right before he left... *cries*

    I have to admit, this is one of few shows to really make me get this emotional. If anyone on here likes family driven drama shows, this is probably the best one I had ever seen. Before this, I would have said Parenthood but this has topped that and then some. The way it is written is like poetry and I have a lot of respect for the writer(s) who does this show. It touches on so many issues we see in society as well. It brings a light to them but in such a unique way.

    Season one gets a 10/10 from me.
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