This is what annoys me.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler main event. Arguably the 2 top wrestlers in WWE right now with CM Punk. The match begins and it's epic, see my sig for one of the moves performed. There was a big superplex spot aswell, lots of good spots in an entertaining match. Then like 7 minutes in, Swagger comes in. That's fine I suppose, gives DB someone else to overcome to get him more over. Then Big Show comes down for no reason and just stands there for couple minutes. Swagger attacks him... for no reason. Big Show no-sells and attacks Swagger in the ring during an epic match.

    Then Mr Holla Holla Teddy Long comes out and turns the epic DB vs DZ match into a tag-team match -.-!! Every main event is like this now, it's possibly the most frustrating thing about WWE for me.
  2. Damn Bryan used a chaos theory? I think it's like a rib backstage on Teddy now tbh. Just replace him on with an ipod seriously. All it needs on it is holla, tag team match and playas. Hell even get one of those dancing dog things to replace his shuffling.