This is what I deal with at work most weekends!

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  2. I lol'd @ 'hurling rubbish'

    actually lol'd @ 'yobs rampaging' as well. Funny headline


    Damn. You Brits love to chant, and I can never understand a damn thing you are saying
  3. Lol that's literally what my store is like every fri and sat and then I get complaints of ppl saying why don't u kick them out?

    Yeah one 5ft 1 guy kicking out 20-30 lads on his own just cause i'm the manager no thanks!

    Whilst the police do nothing as they're dealing with the drunks up the road.
  4. Another user praised the staff in the restaurant, and added: 'This is just ridiculous. There is nothing funny about this at all. These people should be ashamed of themselves, but they won’t be.

    Definitely disagree about this not being funny. I'm in stitches.
  5. It is funny cause it's not me LOLS!
  6. It's funny because wtf? I've never heard of anything like this. Are they there to actually get food or just cause a ruckus? It's just so pathetic. 'Hey mates, no footy matches until Sunday let's go have a chant at the Macdonalds! Sounds like a jolly ol time!'
  7. It's because they are 14-16 there parents don't give two hoots so they just hang round causing hassle.
  8. Chuck some toothpaste at them and they'll go running.

  9. LOL dont work I had full on police in my store two weeks back and they had to threaten them all with CS gas! :emoji_slight_smile: Was too funny never seen scrotes run so fast!
  10. Looks like something you'd see on Shameless.
  11. Mate I'm in Bury down the road from Manchester and we now apparently have near one of the top levels of ppl on drugs, booze, and hating life!

    Plus we are full of traveller sites!

    Getting rough.
  12. Start applying street justice within McDee's
  13. I've tried last time I used what I thought was reasonable force I ended up getting a caution and the scum trying to rob me got away scott free.
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