This is why Randy was pulled from "Marine: Homefront"

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zamorakian, Apr 3, 2012.

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  1. Wow..bad words there by Vinn..I really like Randy Orton and I feel sad that it had to go this way, he was so happy to be the lead role for this movie.
  2. So he can't be in it right
  3. Yes.
  4. Well that's gay wanted to see him in a movie
  5. That is great news. He doesn't deserve it after making a mockery of the Marine Corps.
  6. Doesn't fill even 10% of my care cup.
  7. Exactly. So what? He didn't want to be a marine for real. Let him be a fake one!! Jebus!!

    Hell WCW made a mockery of wrestling at least once a week!!!

    WCW champion David arquette!!!

    Rod the Bod!!


  8. CM PUNK IS GOING MOVIE????????!!!!!!!! PIPE BOMB!!!!!!!
  9. Well, that would explain him getting laid out......

    Oh wait you said going movie... What I he watching...( goes check twitter)

  10. Here's your pipebomb.


  11. dated a marine one time. it was a pleasant experience (no j/k) and was a very honorable and committed person. Randy is great, but not the right guy here.
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  12. The current WWE studios model is a proven failure, so why not use the promotion of their crappy films to promote a superstar they do nothing with?

    Alex Riley would make a great marine.
  13. A ry would make a horrible marine
  14. Big Show would make a great marine.
  15. In all honesty Rhodes IMO would make the best Marine. He looks like an 18 year old kid who would be signing up for the Corps fresh out of HS
  16. I would 2nd that notion. Cody looks like a normal guy, but has that nice quality about him too
  17. Nice idea actually. Go Cody.
  18. Gonna be really favorite wrestler bias here.

    It's unfair! BRO, it was 1999, I was like 3 then. I'm already 16. Do those people learn how to forgive and forget? He already paid for it by being in prison for a month. IT'S JUST A MOVIE, FOR F**K'S SAKE! Give the man a chance! It's not like he gave away military secrets or anything (or told everyone the secret recipie of the Krabbe Pattie. (OK, so I am watching SpongeBob while typing this.))!

    :bury: :cry:
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  19. Lmao liked this post :emoji_slight_smile:
  20. Because of the Krabbie Pattie secret formula...? :emoji_wink:)
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