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Discussion in 'Be The Booker' started by Adam, Feb 27, 2012.

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  1. I have received no booking information and we're 2 days away from the show. People need time to put up some good writing.

    Added in a poll tell us what you want and we'll see what's happening.
  2. What the hell are you saying? You're not even in the creative team?
  3. I'll soften the blow a bit, I'm not in a raging mood today.

    Ryo Akita is scheduled in a match on Wednesday.

  4. Come Wednesday you'll see that, so what's the problem?
  5. Have I completely missed the mark here? Is someone writing my characters matches and promos and shit?

  6. It's all happening behind the scenes, you cannot see it because you're not part of the creative team, don't worry come Wednesday you'll see the full product.
  7. So I've completely got the wrong end of the stick. I'm new to this shit.

    I thought that whoever created the characters, wrote for that character. That makes sense in my head. So I've created a character for someone else to write for and have no other involvement what so ever?
  8. The problem with that idea is people like Sackfist have written multiple characters, not to mention some people struggle with writing a segment. It's best to speak to Jonathan as he's in control of this fed as the head booker if you want it changing.
  9. Don't worry, if you dislike the segments you can always provide sample promos to the writers. No promo is going to be perfect because no one knows the character like you, but it's a burden if we have to rely on users who aren't in the creative team. It could mess up a whole show for example.

    Also, promos won't be on every show so there's no need to worry :emoji_slight_smile:.
  10. I just thought that was the way it went, it makes sense. Create the character, write the promos/matches using the bookers' ideas sent to you. Control your career and you progress with how well you write (impressive/entertaining writing moves you up).

    That's what confused me as to why there are writers. It's pretty boring though, I've created a character and have absolutely no control over him, what is said/done/written/moves/anything.

    I'm new to e-fedding but it just seems a waste of time because the only people that are really involved are the creative team.
  11. We could perhaps add an option where if your character is making a promo on the show, one of the team can PM you about the segment and you'll write a promo. If you don't reply one will get written for you.

    That sound better?
  12. It's nothing to do with me, I just got the wrong end of the stick for e-feds.

    I thought it was involvement within the community, that's why I was super pumped for it. I don't really want to sit back and read someone else writing for my character. Seems a waste of time.

    Oh well, e-fedding isn't for me!

  13. Yes this should happen!
  14. Read my reply Adam.
  15. Still not what I thought e-fedding was.

    I thought we write our own matches, promos and segments so there's contrasting writing styles throughout the federation instead of the same 4 writers.

    No, or very little control over characters.

  16. That, sir, has never happened in E-Fed history as far as I'm concerned whom have been part of E-Feds for a very long long time.
  17. That would cause so much trouble if you wrote your own matches. That's impossible.

    Writing segments is possible sure, that gives you involvement. The whole point is you submit a character you created from starch and watch what it achieves in the fed. You can't have complete control over it else what's the point?
  18. If you wrote your own matches, wouldn't two be written? Not to mention the potential for bias. Adam if you want to be involved why don't you submit a piece and become a writer?
  19. I dislike Crayo's idea of you writing the promo, because it then means people know what's happening when they're not supposed to.

    I don't approve.
  20. I'll try and get a point across. I've never been a part of an e-fed.

    I got told this
    In the character discussion thread. That's the first bit of information I was told about about e feds so I got off there. I imagined a roleplaying federation.

    I don't really want to be a part of this, it's not what I thought it was. You might as well have made up the characters yourselves for what it's worth.

    Good luck with it anyway.
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