This is why WWE shouldnt target kids as their main audience

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  1. Shawn Micheals return. I was amazed at just how subdeud the crowd was. And not only him. How much cheer did Goldust get when he returned? How much cheer did Nash get? This is too emberrasing. I remember the days when a big superstar made a return and crowds started jumping on their sits, the enthisium, the excitement. But now... its just emberresing. And a total shame. The only one who got a huge cheer was Jericho.
  2. Shawn Michaels returned to a crap city, I give you that, he got a lot more pops than your beloved HHH though. More proof that no one cares about him when he talks.

    Goldust was a jobber on superstars, he's not going to get many pops when he returns. No one particularly cares about him...

    Jericho rightfully got a very good reaction.
  3. Jim Duggan got tons of cheers when he returned : /
  4. Oh and Nash got pop of the night when he returned in the rumble last year.

    He just didn't get much boo's when he was supposed to because he's unbearable on the mic and in the ring..
  5. According to

    "Hey, lets spend our shows pandering to the demographic that gives us the least amount of viewers!!"

    But kids can talk their parents into buying stuff a lot easier than the adults can talk themselves into it. I'd rarely buy a WWE T-Shirt and definitely not any toys, but if I had a kid that was interested, chances are I'd buy them.
  6. Kevin Nash > you
  7. Unless you're being sarcastic, please convince me Kevin Nash's latest heel run was good. Provide proof.
  8. Its also annoying when people sit front row and dont react at all
  9. I quite enjoyed the match against Triple H and his mic work.
  10. LOL.. Goldust jobbed for a living... he's not a legend. Please just leave, Jeebak.
  11. His drunken mic work and his Khali-like wrestling match? Quite low standards from a guy who claims he hates the current product :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  12. Or, did the current product lower our standards that much?
  13. I'm a Kevin Nash mark. Deal with it

    and if Great Khali did what Nash did in the match against HHH I'd give him props for it
  14. Finally....another Nash mark
    The guy launches Rey Mysterio into a production truck like a lawn dart 15 years ago and can bury a roster with a twinkle of his eye
    I say bring back 'Big Sey' at Mania... Big Sey/Austin/HHH can all hug each other the match is over
    Ooops that's not Austin, you could've fooled me Taker

    Don't get on my Big Sey, after all you did 'say' WWE doesn't need Big Sey... Give us a another curtain call, Kev you guys deserve it

  15. Goldust has a huge number of twitter follower. He has quite a good IC title and World Title run. His matches against Undertaker back in the day was what wwf revolved their main story around.
    He became a jobber later in his career because his gay type of gimmick certainly wouldnt be approved by PG.
    However he had one hell of a career in his prime.
    He was much bigger than Cody is right now.

    Dont talk about hings untill u grow up.

  16. So true before Dustin Rhodes began the whole Goldust gimmick a lot he had good runs!

  17. Wait low standard? I know u like to see guys flying around the ring, but be assured Nash and HHH are better in ring wrestlers than the likes of Rey Mysterio. U dont have to hop around like a kangaroo to be a good wrestler. As i have said before this isnt mexican wrestling.
    His mic work was pretty fine. Hs rivalry against HHH and punk were interesting to say the least. He is a HUGE superstar for WWE. He has achieved much more than ANY of the superstar at RAW or Smackdown except Undertaker and HHH.
    So before u talk trash think who u are talking about. WWE isnt about running around and showing of your high flying moves. This is exactly another reason kids should stay away from WWE.
    And the match wasnt upto the standard because of the PG. If it wasnt PG u sure could have expected to see an unforgattable bloody street fight.

    He isnt the one guy who claims to hate the current product. Goldberg, Brock, Sting, Mr Kennedy, all have spoken out against PG.
  18. He never held a world title, Between WWF/E and WCW, Rhodes won 17 total championships. In World Championship Wrestling, he was a two-time United States Champion,[7] a one-time Six-Man Tag Team Champion,[8] a two-time World Tag Team Champion,[9] and a one-time NWA World Tag Team Champion.[10] In World Wrestling Federation / Entertainment, he is a three-time Intercontinental Champion,[11] a seven-time Hardcore Champion,[12] and a one-time World Tag Team Champion.[13]
    Unless of course I slept through his run. Also what is a hing and why can't we talk about it until we grow up?
  20. Don't talk to JeebaK until he stops flaming. If not longer.
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