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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jonathan, Feb 24, 2014.

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  1. Pathetic.

    And they wonder why people don't care.
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  2. Poor Batista :emoji_cry:
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  3. Wow shit, I had my count at less than 1 minute of total offense :emoji_slight_smile: Yeah I mean, he seemed so gassed.. His conditioning for Riddick and GotG must've not been shit. Honestly I think that was the reason for the beat down w/ the crutch, to make it look like he was less gassed and to make it look more like a different force affected it.
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  4. Did he also do the thumbs down before he hit the Batista Bomb? That should maybe count as well. (And to think he's back to working house shows, too...)
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  5. That's a shame.. Lol he'd probably pass out of exhaustion if they had tried to force any more moves out of him :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. No telling how badly he'll be exhausted when he has to walk down that long aisle way at Wrestlemania before the match even starts.
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  7. I only have one word for this.... pathetic.
  8. On my phone, is Jono OP? Remember when you hated on me for hating on Botchtista?

    He was a boring and talentless before he left. Now he's returned in terrible shape at a time when in-ring work is more important than ever. Del Rio "injuring" him to write him off would have been best for all parties. Vince must be worried that he's leaving the company to Hunter who made this awful decision.
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  9. Don't forget that Batista is not only deadly, but stylish with his skinny jeans.
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  10. Yeah it's me.

    I do, but at the same time I expected him to be used better than he is and not to be shoved into the ME of Mania.
  11. Can we all appreciate the effort done just to get his point across? :yay:

    Agreed. Get ready for 'Mania guys. Bring pillows during the PPV.
  12. He didn't even do the thumbs down. Just the rope shake.
  13. He was shaking the ropes because he tore his anus.
  14. I don't think X-Pac shook the ropes, though.
  15. They took turns couple weeks ago at each other. He's just now feeling the aftermath.
  16. Could be worse, he could be against one of the most boring people in WWE......Oh, wait.
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  17. HEY! I enjoy Alberto! :okay:
  18. Well my thing was for Randy Orton!
  19. HEY! That's my main man you're talking about there!

    Joke. I hate his current character. Feel free to riducle it to death.
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