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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Danielson, Oct 19, 2013.

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  1. Since MOTM will be returning next month, I thought I would throw out an idea that crossed my mind.

    What if past MOTM winners had more impact in the voting procedure? Maybe they get to elect the members for the public vote? That could give a pretty cool perk to being MOTM since we no longer use cutom colors or w/e we call it ( I forget don't yell at me) If not, it's cool, but I just had this idea with my coffee.
  2. That would be cool
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  3. only if 2 time MOTMs get two votes
  4. Bullshit idea.
    I don't hate it, just think it's horrible and terrible.
  5. It's quite hard to do really. The community nominates the top 2-4 users (more if they're all level on votes), then they vote again in the vote-off. Not sure which stage the past winners can influence.
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  6. MOTM committee nominates 4 users as a group. The community chooses the winner from there
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  7. Stupid idea IMO, just because a member won MoTM one month, doesn't mean they're suddenly better at judging users than others.
  8. MOTM doesn't really concern you anyhow
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  9. No. That would restrict the community input on who they think is the MOTM and doesn't give them a chance to post their reasoning. Also, it's changing a method that has been flawless so far. No point changing something that doesn't work which would result in more effort anyway (custom section for example).
  10. What's that, can't hear you over there from WF.
  11. Tick, tick, tick. That's the sound of your life clock running out.

  12. you are really runnin that shit into the ground aren't you spanky
  13. My ideas are not terrible or stupid :angry:
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  14. Realised it was a bit harsh afterwards. Would be against my gimmick to edit it and be nice :sad:
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  15. It's all good, I didn't take offense.You at least gave a reason unlike SOMEBODY *COUGH* TEST! lol
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  16. Sorry, watching The Office has been my path these days :emoji_grin:
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  17. I can dig it
  18. Wait a tick, you just had a brilliant idea! Instead of mine, let's just give MoTM a section of their own! You can call it whatever, but that'd be cool.
  19. Their own section for a month, and they can let up to 3 members in?
  20. Um, I was thinking like every motm gets entrance into it forever. Like a hall of fame or motm hall of fame. As I type this more I can literally feel you wanting to call me dumb.
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