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  1. Shawn Michaels finally admits that he is a chump and that Messiah Jannetty saved the WWE by sniffing out the trader Charles Austin. In December 1990 Jannetty exposed Charles Austin for being an undercover agent for WCW. Austin was sent to WWE by WCW to steal ideas and brainwash talent. When Jannetty discovered this he went straight to Vince McMahon and told him of these findings. Jannetty demanded a tag match so he could eliminate the threat. Vince agreed and made tag match. The match would be Jannetty and his sidekick HBL vs Austin and Loser Lanny Poffo. During the match Jannetty took matters into his own hands and used the Jannetty Dropper to paralyze Austin.

    Vince gave Jannetty a medal of valor for his services and said he would make him champion someday if he wanted. Jannetty declined this offer and stated that HBL deserves this because he has nothing to live for and he could not carry HBL anymore. This meant the end of the Rockers. HBL states that he owes everything to Marty and he was going to retire had Marty not given him the title run.

    We all have to realize that Messiah Jannetty not only saved the WWE from a possible takeover, but saved the world as well. His selfless attitude and quick witted actions did us all a service.
  2. I missed you.
  3. Lol Jannetty is back awesome!
  4. Bullshit. I did that, Jannetty is just stealing my thunder.
  5. Meltzer.
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  6. I had fun reading that.

    I also had fun lying ^

    Seriously, is this a gimmick of some sort?
  7. I came in this thread amped and ready to let this be my first of a few good posts of tonight, then I read this fabrication, I am now unmotivated.
  8. HBK made Janetty a motherfucking superstaaaaaaaaaaar brother.