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Discussion in 'Wrestling News Feed' started by Wrestling News, Nov 11, 2017.

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    Here’s Aiden English, traveling across the world to do what he does so well, wrestle, but also what he does best, which is sing. While doing so, some kid heckles him, telling him he cannot do the aforementioned thing he’s best at.

    This kid is wrong, and someone should have told him. It seems no one did. They even cheered the little fella! Why would the fans in the arena want to reinforce his bad and wrong opinion? That just encourages others to share in it!

    Don’t listen to this kiddo, Aiden English can sing.

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  2. Maybe the kid was just kidding to get a reaction....
  3. No, sorry I agree with that kid. Leave that lame ass singing gimmick sh!t back in the 90's, please.

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  4. I have to agree with KoA & "the Kid" on this one...

    I honestly think the only way a wrestler could have a singing
    "gimmick" is if a female performer was written as a "Siren"
    Siren (mythology) - Wikipedia
    And was also marketed by the WWE is a hybrid wrestler/singer...

    Someone like say...Taeler Hendrix...


    but with true wrestling & singing talent...but she looks & acts
    different from every other woman on the roster.

    Of course that might be too interesting and "theatrical" so
    I guess it will never happen.

    But yeah...please stop singing Aiden English...
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    Btw here's the video:

    I want this kid at every WWE show so he can tell it like it is, even Aiden had to try to not laugh.
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  6. Was that a promo video, televised live, or recorded... something?

    I'm sitting here as I normally do, and I got a fucking boner from the breasts being too close to the camera. Whooooa.

    *touches banana* Calm down, boy.
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  7. I don't know...I picked it because it was Taeler Hendrix & she's screaming...

    Perhaps keep that to yourself in future...there could be kids reading...
  8. I see. Anyone with info would be appreciated. I'm just curious, that can't be aired. lmfao. God, the things you find on the internet... Awesome.
    Who gives a fuck? Those kids shouldn't be on a mature wrestling forum.
  9. Well...first off...I was somewhat joking...
    & about you actually act mature on a wrestling forum?
  10. *scratches head* huh? Uh, what did I do now? This is how I talk.
  11. Okay...lets just forget about this...I think we are
    both misreading the "intentions" of each others posts.

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  12. :bodallas:
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