This may cause the internet to explode but Austin Aries or Dolph's Ziggler.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Jul 16, 2012.

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  1. TNA World Heavyweight Champion Vs Mr Money In The Bank

    DZ Vs. A Double.

    The Greatest Man That Ever Lived Vs The Showoff.

    Which do you prefer, why?

    Which is the better talent currently, why? ​
  2. Which do you prefer, why?

    Dolph Ziggler. His look is fucking incredible, the perfect look imo. He is amazing in the ring, he sells like no one else on the planet right now and I'm left mesmerised every single time he leaves the ring.

    Which is the better talent currently, why?

    Tougher, but I'll stay with Dolph. He's performing brilliantly in a much more restricted environment. It's hard to make everyone you're in the ring with look good, and Dolph does that. Austin is amazing to watch and he's incredibly talented, but Dolph wins imo.
  3. I have to say DZ because I've seen more of him while I haven't seen much of Aries, since I don't watch indies and started watching TNA last month or something. So Ziggler wins this one for me, but just because I only watch WWE, really.
  4. Austin Aries.
    In short: I like his matches more, and as for talent, I think Austin Aries is better. Dolph can sell, but Austin is great at getting out of moves, and has a better move set.
  5. I prefer Austin Aries, Has a better aditude, Just like him more.

    Dolph Ziggler is one of my favorites in WWE though!
  6. AA since he has more talent and became a world champ faster.
    But DZ does have a powerful amount of abilty
  7. DZ was WHC in 2011 lol, also he's been wrestling for about half the time Aries has.
  8. Ziggler.

    He has a fantastic look, great in-ring ability and he's just the man.. Great background aswell.
    He'll be one of WWE's top dog's soon. He just has it all.

    Saw Aries one time, I don't get his look, tbh. He took one sick bump against Ray, but that's it.
  9. I'll rephrase this,what I ment to say was in main steam he got to being a world champ faster as TNA an WWE have monthly ppv's.

    While ROH is good it does not
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