This new X Division format sort of inhibits feuds, no?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Dolph'sZiggler, May 3, 2013.

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  1. Don't get me wrong, I dig the matches as they are unique and very fast paced with a lot of cool moves and spots. But with EVERY title shot being set up as a 3 way being decided by two #1 contender's 3 way matches, I don't see a lot of wiggle room for traditional 1 on 1 feuds. I'm watching this week's ep and they clearly are high on Sabin, and why not, he looked fucking amazing and the story of his injuries instantly gets him a ton of credibility as an underdog babyface, but I would much rather see he and King enter into a 1 on 1 feud instead of TNA continuing on with this goofy surplus of 3 way matches. They can still use 3 way matches to determine the #1 contender some of the time. They can still have 3 way title matches some of the time. But there is really no need to build the division around the triple threat gimmick. Not only does it over-saturate that type of match, but makes it makes it much less likely that we will get 1 on 1 interactions or matches. And as the X Division stands right now it is pretty clear those are your two guys; Sabin is the top face and King is the top heel.

    I understand this format allows them to get fans involved with the voting, and again, you can still have some of that, but they really overdo it. I imagine they like doing it because it lets them get more guys airtime when they are so limited with one show a week.
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  2. This is my main gripe with these new rules. The lack of proper feuds we will get now or at least the increased difficulty to book them is not needed. Especially in a transition period like TNA are in right now with going on the road.
  3. Do you agree that missing out on a proper King/Sabin feud before the inevitable title exchange is a missed opportunity for the division? I think those two would put on great matches and really draw in the fans. As it stands he wins a random 3 way match, then wins the title match likely with little to no build and it just doesn't feel the same as it would if he had properly feuded w/ King.
  4. Totally agree. Sabin is an X-division star and King is likely to be the face of the future division. not having a one on one feud between the two is a huge let down. I know that they want to make it seem like the X-division title is important but removing feuds from it makes it less important. any joe can come in and win two triple threats due to champion's disadvantage. Having a best of seven series between 2 wrestlers going one on one is much more exciting.
  5. I agree and it's basically what Petey Williams also said a few weeks back. Have 3 way matches, but at the big shows and PPVs, have a classic 1 on 1 match. It'd be a dope division then.
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  6. And, TNA has 20+ wrestlers eligible to compete in it. It screams great matches, storylines and action.
  7. Yeah, Williams mentioned it, I hope they do 1 on 1 feuds/matches for big events and PPVs.
  8. Well, we didn't get our Sabin/King 1 v 1 match at Slammy, though the build was basically only consisting of those two. I like the Suicide character and he definitely has a place in the X division, but dammit, this feud would be a lot more epic without his third wheelin' ass.
  9. Agreed. I haven't kept up with the shows outside of recaps and reading the results since there isn't a lot in Impact that keeps me interested. A Sabin vs King one on one feud would have had me watch most definitely. Maybe we can get it if both are entered into the BFG series and thus have to wrestle one on one...
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