This saddens me

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by HHHBestHeelEver, Jan 3, 2013.

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  1. - The Rock has been added to advertising for the February 12th SmackDown tapings from Little Rock, Arkansas. Beginning January 7th, Rock will return to WWE TV as a fairly regular character doing most RAW tapings, a few SmackDown events and three pay-per-views.


    Now i can see the rock beating punk at RR :no:
  2. Cry about it you roody poo piece of trailer trash. Rock >>>> Pussy boy Punk. I bet the Rock's pecs weigh more than Punk's entire upper body
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  3. Yeah, usually steroids do that to you.... tooth fairy
  4. Rock pissed hot? I missed that. Otherwise you are talking out of your ass.

    CM Punk fans just think every buff guy is on Roids to make them feel better about their skinny bitch of a wrestling hero.
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  5. [​IMG]

    notice one superstar lifts weights. The other looks like some shithead kid who is more interested in Call of Duty, Doritos, and Mountain Dew.
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  6. :upset: are you fucking kidding me.
  7. Dolph' punk? :maybe:
  8. ohh no, we cm punk fans dont think that, your bf dwayne says it...
  9. That article has no sources or citations or even quotes from the Rock. And it's BR. So awesome. You got me.

    Also, why do you care who does roids? It's their body and their choice. I wish more athletes would juice up, especially your little fairy boyfriend CM Punk.
  10. I honestly have no care about this match any more.
  11. dont care about the match either , but i dont want the rock as champion, even if is not cm punk, anyone but the rock pls
  12. Re: RE: This saddens me

    You care about the result though, literally thought I'd mark when Rock wins but now I'd just be like meh either way.
  13. Lol this kid will be so mad. Rock >>>> the current roster. Get irate.
  14. What's your problem you little bitch? I'll mark hard enough for both of us when Rock strips that fry cook looking mother fucker of the once prestigious WWE Title
  15. Re: RE: This saddens me

    Just can't bring myself to care about any WWE / TNA match currently, even Stings return isn't exciting me like it normally would, hell Angle Joe are doing a tag cage match tonight and I should be all over it but it's just meh again..
  16. yah, give the title to the rock , for 1 month, cuz then he´ll have to go make another movie, then drop it to someone else like .... ryback?

    im sure that will give it more prestige:finger:
  17. Re: RE: This saddens me

    He'll hold it till mania before jobbing to Cena, sad but true. Anyway he'll bring alotta interest into the product, guys a movie star.
  18. The Rock sneezing on the WWE Title as he walks past adds more prestige than CM Punk's shitty 1 year reign. believe that
  19. I will get back into TNA shortly and WWE I've been barely following. The two things that interest me though are Rock and DZ becoming champs. Maybe it's just because I've been watching Raws & PPVs from 1999 and seeing prime Rock, but I can't wait for him to strap up
  20. Call of Duty, Doritos, Mountain Dew? I'm the photo? :shock:
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