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Discussion in 'Be The Booker' started by Jonathan, Jan 6, 2014.

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  1. @WarMachine @Muraad Khan please use this section for your WWCW and Ticket Wars threads.

    Thank you.
  2. All right. but why?
  3. IWT is for IWT, BTB/E-Feds are for everything else
  4. What's IWT?
  5. An Efed where people compete in promos with different characters.
  6. But WWCW is a booking thing where i book shows, i only did one promo, sorry i seem like a n00b i'm new
  7. Ticket Wars is a lot different but there are similarities
  8. WWCW is a booking scenario whats Ticket Wars?
  9. A game I came up with. Basically it's where players create their own supercards that consists of wrestlers dead or alive in their prime from any wrestling organization and from any era of time, with each wrestler only being used once, all taking place on the same night and at the same time, compete for the tickets of their fellow posters. There is first signing up, then 20 rounds of drafting and building up your card. (Doing TV with matches and promos, etc.) And then once the drafting is complete, the wars begin. Two random cards are selected in a face off and people vote on what card they like better and the winner of the round goes on to the next. Just like in the wrestling business world, whoever has sold the most tickets overall, wins.
  10. IWT is only for IWT. This section is for other e-Feds, please use it.
  11. Muraad. I already told you to use the be the booker section for your WCW project, because it is a booking project and thus belongs there.
  12. Yes. which will be used in Ticket Wars. It's called WarMachine Wrestling. WMW. It's all about the acronym. Girls everywhere scream our name and show us their boobs :otunga:
  13. Who do you use in your roster, is it a pre-set roster? or is random at start, mine is World Wide Championship Wrestling: WWCW and i have a pre-set of WCW roster 1991
  14. I haven't made my draft picks yet
  15. when are we going to start
  16. When I get at least five more people in on the concept. Right now I have me, Showstopper, Jwab, Danielson, Dolph'sZiggler and gav the chav.
  17. I know Dolph, Danielson (i think he's on YouTube) Jwab really good guys so far
  18. I've read some of you WWCW. Good stuff dude. I can see you doing really well in TW