This shows how well Regal could put people over

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Nov 10, 2012.

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  1. You should watch it all here as it teases a character change for Miz. But look at how passionate and brilliant Regal's interview was. Imagine if he brought his feud with Dean Ambrose from FCW to RAW. It would be so good, he could get back in shape only for Dean to oppose him. Regal will be the heel who is respected, he doesn't need to go all face to the crowd. He can put him over just like he did on FCW where he admitted that Ambrose is "evil" and "viscous" but he likes that about him.

    Gotta love Regal.
  2. Awesome. Would really like to see Regal having one more run.
  3. Watched the promos from FCW to Ambrose, pretty badass tbh. One of my recent favorites honestly. The end bit of Regal's part in this video when he talks about training up again (I hope anyway) may be hinting at coming back for one last run like Leo said, since he was in a tag match with the WHC and contender again, with WWE, I doubt it. Or even put a guy over with his own WHC reign after losing it to them. :hmm:
  4. That bit with him saying he'd get back in shape and showing people what an old pro is all about gives me hope. :yay:
  5. Ikr. Honestly, if that happened, I'd start watching again.

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  6. I respect Regal as a professional but there is no way i'll agree that he can put people over. He can help them mature in and out of the ring off camera but that's about it.
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    Without watching this there's no way you can say that bro. Regal's promos alone can put people over, and he's still incredibly talented in the ring, he's a genius.
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  8. I'm a huge fan of Regal but I don't think he has any place on tv anymore if it involves in-ring wrestling. He would be great in a GM role and I could see him helping to turn guys face by being a heel GM but i'd rather see the younger talent in ring. That's just my preference but I understand your argument. Everyone knows how great Regal is regardless of what I think of his role.
  9. I don't get why. I'm the same with old people having success in the ring but there is a place for them if it means putting people over, just like there would be for Foley etc. Plus he's still better in the ring than the majority.
  10. We will never know because i highly doubt he gets another solid run in the "E"
  11. Regal is a boss. Super underrated.
  12. Yes, yes, yes. A Regal run would be gold. Would love to see him on RAW or SD again.

    But against who? Ambrose?
  13. Idea for multiple push guys: Maybe William Regal says he will be facing a man hes been training at a PPV to test his skills and loses to break him out in WWE then Regal wins the tag titles with a different FCW guy and holds it for a good while and when they lose them WWE puts them 2 aginst each other in a PPV match winner gets IC or US title match & regal loses & puts another guy over then William Regal beats the WHC on SD & goes to the PPV & beats him & wins the WHC & has 1 last title run then WWE puts a FCW guy on SD! & does a undefeated storyline but the guy actually takes the undefeated streak & beats Regal for the WHC & Regal later on in the year has a rivalry with a new FCW guy & has a hate storyline with him & had enough so he faces the new guy in a Loser Retires match & Regal officially retires.
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