This Still an Issue? (Yeah this is about Reigns)

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  1. I can't help but to still call this out. Ever since Reigns returned from suspension, I've realized he's still being treated as the top guy in the company.

    The proof? How many times has he gone on last on Raw? Throughout the Balor/Rollins feud mainly Roman went on last still with the exception of the Lesnar/Orton angle.

    What about Summerslam? Roman Reigns' match with Rusev went on after BOTH World Title matches. The dude is still being booked like he is the bigger star still than the world title feuds.

    Now don't get me wrong last week Triple H didn't just screw Rollins he screwed Reigns again too so it's fine by me Roman is in this match also for Clash of Champions. But I feel like WWE creative still isn't letting go yet on the failed project.
  2. It's the weirdest thing. In a weird way, I'm not bothered by it. He's out of the title picture and being in the closing segment only means so much, plus they're going OUT OF THEIR WAY to keep him away from the mic. Isn't that what we've wanted? The silent badass?

    It's not like Reigns isn't talented (or - as we saw with Cena in a shit crowd at Summerslam - how much these unintentional/probably intentional heels mean in 2016) And it's not like Roman is this completely untalented hack who drags down the main event scene. They shouldn't just bury the guy... (although actually tearing him down to bu ild him back up is the only way to do it, but "Roman Reigns Push" is such a poisonous concept for fans...)

    I don't know what I'd do or what to say so I'm just typing stuff in a convoluted way.
    (Plus Roman, the character, still sucks so hard.)
  3. Well Roman is still the guy going forward. That has never changed. He's just not being put in the marquee feuds as a way to slowly but surely get him more over/make people forget that they have been booing him.

    Just because he's not Universal Champion does not mean Vince has dropped him as the new face of the company
  4. Didn't they try that at Survivor Series last year, when he and Ambrose were palling around and getting Strowman over, but then when it was time to push him again at the end of that tournament people were as rabid as ever? How should it work this time?

    To Shaddix's point, they're making it feel like he isn't down to the midcards though, despite feuding for the US belt. (Seeing them protecting another guy like this usually is a great thing, not sure in this case)
  5. This is Vince McMahon we are dealing with. He doesn't care how many times he has to try. He is dead set on Roman being a key figure in WWE going forward and thus Roman will be a key figure going forward. Hell, I like the guy
  6. He's not a good guy. He's not a bad guy. He's THE guy. :vince3:

    Everyone needs to get over the fact that Vince isn't going to give up on pushing Reigns as the top dog.
  7. As a talent I like him too, and definitely see why Vince is so in love with the idea of making him the top guy. If wrestling is a combination of acting and sports, why not have the ultimate action hero with the most badass gear, offense, look, etc who can GO in the ring - wonder if he lead WWE in star ratings last year - as a top guy?

    But when reading your reply, I just stared at it for a while... tapped the keys lightly, wondering what to say, got to playing a shooter for a moment while thinking about it and something really hit me... As mentioned before, any Reigns conversation comes down to two things... his crowd reactions + Vince's booking decisions. Lots of stuff going AROUND him but nothing ABOUT him (outside of 2 weeks after TLC 2015, when he had enough and beat everyone up) (Even the "Balor is Overrated" thread people talk about character, mic skills, etc, and NOBODY was talking about Vince "forcing" Balor after winning the title in 27 days...) and it got me thinking this whole Roman fiasco is STILL all about being the Chosen One at Royal Rumble 2015

    But as you said during that LD, they haven't done anything to get Roman over. We didn't have a reason to ride with his journey to the top like we did with Bryan. I'd love to say "that's the problem" but we just heard "You Deserve It" chants for the exact opposite thing happening. Fans are just set in their ways with the guy, and maybe it isn't for the worst. Get that heel heat, big dog.
  8. Roman has been a much more three dimensional character after this years mania. His character is a bit more fleshed out now. He's a gruff guy who has fallen from grace and has a chip on his shoulder. The first RAW after the brand split (with the tournament to crown the champion) incapsules that perfectly. Look at Reigns on that episode, and look at how the crowd responded to him that week. They were given reasons to react to him as a character rather than as a entity.

    One of Vince's big flaws is that he believes that appereance is almost everything in a character. If a character looks cool, then he is cool. And in the world of Vince you then don't have to flesh a character out to make the crowds care for him. Look no further than the past to see proof of that. Hulkamania, New Generation, Attitude Era. Very few characters were fleshed out, three dimensional people, but rather they were colorful characters with unique looks, and that was enough for Vince. How you look is going to directly impact how Vince perceives you, and thus how he will push you.
  9. All this time, all he has to do is stop doing the Superman punch and quit wearing the chest armor and I would be fine. Those are the only two things that annoy me about him.
  10. The fact that he's lost all of these "main event" matches shows that his spot on the show, is hardly a sign of him being the top star.

    It was strategically placed. It was mean't to calm the crowd after an intense Universal Championship match, and the sub-par WWE Championship match. It wasn't placed there because of who he is, but rather the contents of the "match" itself.

    I have no problem with Roman Reigns, but I do feel that his over-reliance on the Superman Punch is pretty sickening. He has proven that he can put on great matches, so I don't really care. I also have to say it's been pretty refreshing that he's been out of the Main Event spot, but I don't exactly hate my life if he was in it.
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  11. Not the biggest romans reigns fan at all! His ring skills have gotten better over this last year I give him that but it's hard to except something thats getting forced fed to me......makes me think back to
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