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Earlier this week, WWE announced a Tuwaiq Trophy Gauntlet match for Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia on Feb. 27. There was nothing surprising about this announcement, because WWE loves filling up these Saudi Arabia shows with multi-person gimmick matches for a meaningless trophy.

However, I had to do an immediate double take once I saw the listing of the six participants in this specific match. Let’s go through them one at a time.

  1. AJ Styles is injured with a separated shoulder right now, and a return before March sounds aggressive.
  2. Andrade is suspended right now, and it’s doubtful that there will be any time to build up a storyline for him with any of the men in this trophy match.
  3. Rusev is off television right now, amidst rumors of either creative having nothing for him, or a contract dispute.
  4. Bobby Lashley has a stupefying ass and is mired in a terrible marriage storyline with Lana.
  5. R-Truth is a legend who is somehow simultaneously a low card guy gunning for the 24/7 jobber title, while also fitting right in at Brock Lesnar’s top guy level.
  6. Erick Rowan’s bizarre singles push has persisted in various forms for roughly half a year now. He has something in a cage that bites people, and he has not been pinned in two months.

If the tag team turmoil match from the last Saudi Arabia show is any indication, this match could easily end up being a bunch of nothing. But on paper, these six wrestlers put together in one match sounds way more fascinating to me than whatever five guys WWE is planning to put in the upcoming Elimination Chamber match with Roman Reigns on Mar. 8 in Philadelphia.

Can you make any sense of why WWE chose these six men for the Tuwaiq Trophy Gauntlet match, Cagesiders?

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