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Standard disclaimer: I am not a professional wrestler, and have never trained to be one.

But I’ve been watching this stuff for 40 years or so, and I feel confident posting this GIF from the Naomi & Lacey Evans’ match on SmackDown last night (July 31) under the headline above...

It certainly looks to this outsider’s eye like Evans hesitated and/or just failed to go through with the back flip required of someone taking a Canadian Destroyer. But I’m willing to be educated if that’s not what went wrong here.

Even if I’m right, I won’t absolve Naomi of blame. Mostly because I haven’t seen anything in Lacey’s career that would indicate she could pull off a spot like this, so Naomi and whichever producers & agents helped put together the match shouldn’t have even included this when laying it out.

Mostly, let’s just be glad nobody got hurt.

And probably also stop trying to make Lacey Evans: Wrestler happen.

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