This Week’s Low WWE Raw Rating Compared to the Fall of 1997

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Neptune, Dec 3, 2015.

  1. As noted, this week’s WWE Raw rating came in at a 2.21, higher than last week’s record low of a 2.16. This week’s show was the second lowest rated edition of WWE Raw since September 8th, 1997. Comparatively, the fall of 1997, which saw Raw compete with both WCW Nitro and Monday Night Football, saw an average rating of a 2.8.

    I guess the way Vince see's it, it can be worse. But dammit, you have to improve this! I want to be interested in wrestling again not just watch like 2 or so matches a PPV.
  2. Vince won't do jack about it. The product will still be the same old shit, and we'll still keep watching in hopes of the product improving.

    God damn, it's like we're in this abusive relationship with WWE.

    Plus, the WWE ain't the only wrestling company in the world. There are other good promotions out there.
  3. Writers: "Uhh, don't you think there's a big problem on our hands? These ratings look like shi-"

    Vince: "But Cena and Roman are one-two in merch! There's no problems at all!"
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  4. It's unfortunate, but ratings are only one metric of popularity (and not even as important of one as they were fifteen, twenty years ago) and until you start hitting Vince where it hurts (i.e. his pockets) and affecting his bottom line, shit likely will never change.
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  5. Vince just wants what Vince wants and that's run the company until his death and keep strong looking guys who are green as hell in the company on the top of the card.
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