This Week's Live SmackDown Rating

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Jul 5, 2012.

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  1. Lol, it actually went down?:dafuq:
  2. Expected this because of the time change. They will get loads of views on the repeat
  3. Not surprised at all. Live SDs get low ratings because of the time change and they don't promote it that much, people probably don't know when it's on or can't adapt to the shedule, I don't know. I also won't be surprised if the replay gets more viewers/bigger ratings.
  4. Why in gods name do WWE only mention SmackDown going live on tuesday once on their main show - RAW, but give thousands of recaps on Big Show?
  5. Thing is they still run the repeat that gets top ratings on Syfy every week so I don't think WWE really care. They know they are the top viewed show on Syfy either way so they are okay with low ratings on Tuesday since they will get good ones tonight.
  6. Probably because of the same reason that makes Ziggler job, Punk get stale, Lesnar jobbing in his first match back after two moves and Cena being the only credible active main eventer. :haha:
  7. Asked and answered. :obama:
  8. Live Tuesday Smackdowns always have lower ratings than Friday episodes.
  9. I'm guessing the combined views from the live and the repeat will be atleast 50-100% higher than what the fridays episode usually is. :emoji_grin: hope somebody posts the repeat figures
  10. got it. looking at the other live smackdown ratings and looks like this one was the highest of 2012.

  11. Let's hope RAW follows suit.
  12. Last August had a nice SD rating.. Coincidence that around that time was the rise of Henry? I think not.
  13. Henry drew insane during his reign. I think every single week were 2.2's+ and stuff lmao. So what did WWE do? Feed him to Big Show obv.
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