This weeks NXT. Where do we go from here.

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  1. Do not read this if you haven't watched this weeks episode of NXT and are iffy about spoilers.

    So after this weeks episode of NXT, which continued to produce some of WWE's best current material storyvice I was left wondering. What now?

    The Maxine and Johnny storyline took a plunge into the characters trying to backstab each other and Reagal trolled them both by forcing Maxine to manage Johnny if they wanted to remain hired.

    Darren Young and Titus O'neil revealed that they had been called up to Smackdown.

    Derrick Bateman and Kaitlyn were left without anything real to do except have Kaitlyn face Maxine in a match. With Titus and Young gone that leaves Derrick to either follow suite to Smackdown (Which I personally think he should since I find Derrick entertaining and I think he would do well as a low to mid card face on Smackdown or Raw letting his character evolve.) Either that or amp up his old feud with Curtis.

    Curt Hawkins and Reks were punished for kidnapping Matt Stryker 3 weeks back and forced to face each other in a match were the loser got fired. Hawkins lost but king Reagal of Trollington turned on Reks and fired him as well. This is most likely a story part since Reks and Hawkins have been working with the Rock through most of 2011 and the beginning of 2012 as his personal training partners and Rocky spoke very highly of them. I think we will see them being signed onto RAW or Smackdown soon by Ace to either feud with each other or even better. Take the tag team championship from Primo and Epico and make the title interesting again.

    Read. React. Discuss.

    Keep on trucking.
  2. Thanks for posting this. NXT is probably the best thing going right now in WWE if you take away Cena v Lesnar and Punk v Jericho. I hope Reks and Hawkins get what they deserve - a place on the main roster, they are the best tag-team in the company.
  3. Sums up my thoughts.
    Hope Tyson and McGilli... screw it: Hennig join Darren and Titus soon.
  4. Tyson and Henning deserve to have their feud on Smackdown. It can easily transcend up to SD as well. Just have Tyson show up on Smackdown for a match. Have Henning attack his opponent and declare that their beef isn't finished. Then you can have Mathews recap for Cole, Booker and the TV crowd.
  5. It just makes so much sense! It would be a great feud and give us great matches on TV. But I think they're too busy with Blast from the Past and stuff like that.
  6. I said I wouldn't watch NXT until they brought Cole back, but I've got to admit I'm tempted. Especially as I'm a mark for Tyson Kidd.
  7. You are missing some quality storytelling and wrestling Albin. NXT has really stepped into high gear. Most likely to prepare the guys for a trip up to raw or SD.
  8. Yeah, I'll watch the next (NXT) episode, definately sounds like it's worth a viewing,
  9. I would actually recommend you to watch this weeks episode so you are up too speed since it is a bit of a cliffhanger. If you want some help with it PM me.
  10. Cool will give a watch tomorrow, should be able to find it on Youtube somewhere :emoji_slight_smile:
  11. Seems like NXT is better than Smackdown.
  12. To be fair, I could probably go out to my back garden, call a few mates round and we could probably create a better show than Smackdown. A crowd consisting of my parents and the family dog would probably make more noise as well.
  13. Lately NXT has been better then RAW from time to time in my opinion. They only have 45 minutes per show but the wrestling is almost always top rate and the storylines are good and well written.
  14. If I was a bigger smark when I was small I could've probably started a backyard wrestling federation with friends and that.
  15. Yeah would be pretty awesome to be honest!

    Just wish more of my friends were normal and like wrestling..
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