This weeks smackdown (Streams and donwload)

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  1. SMACKDOWN: 20/1/2012


    *rep would be helpful these are from my own private source i have not copied anyone
  2. Wow, they're good quality. Thanks. Handy for people who prefer to str3am them instead of download them.
  3. glad you liked them bro,

    just if anyone reads this please comment

    one of my site suggestions is you have to rep and comment before you can see the links therfore the op gets credit therefore if this was a sticky no one else would need to post as i have 6 differant streamsss and downloads and qualitys!!! and people could rip people off as a mod has to grant the rep and comment option?
  4. No offense intended but that suggestion is poor.It's forcing people to give rep. Reputation should just be a thing someone has an option to add not something they have to do. It's supposed to be an opinion on someone. Possibly make it a comment to see the spoiler kind of deal?

    Really hq links though.
  5. Could eventually make it so you have to reply to see the content in the spoiler yeah. I'd prefer reputation to be used on this site to display how HQ the users posts are, and how friendly that user is to be around.

    But yeah, that HD looks sick.
  6. Ok sorry guys but yeah maybe have a thanks button instead of rep therefore you can see who posts the most useful stuff and then rep is if you help people out, just so that people get noticed, becuase if it wasnt for you guys people would just use my links and then go, i hope that i can get this post up to a quality where i could apply for a sticky?
  7. A thanks button is a really good idea actually. You might want to add in some screen shots of your D/L links quality also. Just to show they're HQ,
  8. your a better member than me and you probably know the right people that could make a thanks button so put it forward if you want

    comment and thanks is needed to see the genuine links

    ____ has being thanked so many times in so many posts
  9. It's your idea it's best you suggest it so you get the credit for it. Just post the thread in here : it will get noticed by the staff.
  10. Was going to reply here about it but once there's a thread I'll reply there.
  11. Try not to ask for rep as it is against the rules. You seem very rep/attention hungry.
  12. ok sorry just trying to get noticed for the right reasons?
  13. That's good :emoji_slight_smile:. Don't stop that :angel:
  14. haha thanks, guess i will be back online for the day :emoji_slight_smile:
  15. Cooolll:coolgun:
  16. Would anyone like todays links they will be the same great quality and donwload?