Games This Would Have Been One Of The Greatest Fight Scenes In Movie History

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by The GOAT, Oct 21, 2014.

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  1. Jump to 0:57 to see the fight about to start. It ends (technically) at 5:33.

    This is the final climatic fight of the fourth Metal Gear Solid game (which is also the final game in the series, as far as the chronological storyline goes) and it's awesome. Just imagine that everything - the camera angles, camera shots, music, sound effects, etc. - was the same, only with real actors, and try to imagine that the real actors chosen for the parts looked and sounded as close to the characters in the game as possible. It helps if you know the backstory between these two characters and how it's a fight that's three games (technically four) in the making, but still. Do that and tell me it wouldn't have been one of the best to ever grace the big screen.

    OK, saying it would have been "one of the greatest fight scenes in movie history" is a big statement to make, but I'm arsed to find very many actual fight scenes (specifically hand-to-hand combat, none of that samurai shit) in movies that are equal or superior to this. It would have been a hell of a fight scene regardless of where it'd rank. There's plenty of other scenes throughout the MGS series that would have qualified as excellent film scenes as well.
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