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Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Testify, Jun 24, 2013.

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  2. Still yet to watch Dominion, heard that Okada vs Makabe was really good as well as Goto vs Shibata.

    Okada vs Devitt will be good if a bit early in my opinion.
  3. Did I spoil anything?
  4. Nah I read the results so no worries.
  5. Okada was born looking like a boss I swear down, he has the ultimate idgaf face that needs to be a smiley.
  6. Damn, the card for the next PPV looks amazing:

    - Okada/Devitt
    - Goto/Shibata
    - MiSu/Ishii
    - Nagata/Shibata
    - Tanaka/Naito

    and few more promising tag matches.

  7. Looking forward to this one. The one they had at Dominion was described as a stiff all out war. Let's see what round two can bring. fun thing is those two went to college together or something like that.
  8. And it indeed was an all out stiff fucking brawl. Two badass mofos crackin heads, choping one another and kicking the shit out of each other. Many, many cringe moments.

    Dominion was great, but this next show has potential to top it by a good margin.
  9. The next PPV is absolutely without a doubt stacked with great matches. I have a feeling that this has the potential to take Wrestle Kingdom 7's place as my favorite PPV of the year. Heck, if Dominion can blow me away like that even when I wasn't even excited for the damn card, a card like THIS should deliver even stronger. I'm pretty hyped for this event to say the least, haha.
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  10. Yeah, the next PPV has the potential to be the show of the year. Okada/Devitt - holy Moses that cares for the roses!
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