Thives at gas stations

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  1. Watch out.​

  2. Idiots don't lock their door while they fill up? Stupid
  3. I look out for thieves anyway. Three eyes in the back of my head always watching out.

    The solution of course is to roll your windows up and lock your doors. And if you want to take extra precaution, buy one of these mean ass things and put it in your passenger seat (or your back seat) and see how fast people are to try and steal from you:

  4. THIVES!?
  5. lol oops

    cba editing
  6. thives gonna thive
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  7. That's why I always have a bitch in my car when I go to a gas station. No one will try to rob my anything if they see someone inside.
  8. You won't rob mine, you'll be hypnotized by my music [​IMG]
  9. Interesting. It's amazes me as to how people are careless with their property.
  10. Has anyone caught the thives yet!?
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