Those constantly referenced Youtube videos...

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  1. I can imagine that anybody who has gotten lost clicking related wrestling videos on Youtube for an hour or so has come across some of these. They are those few videos that everybody references in the comments. It's kind of an inside joke among WWE fans on Youtube at this point. If you haven't seen them I'm sure you can get how they are all connected by reading some of the comments on them.

    "I'm from Winnipeg you idiot!"

    Vince Mcmahon says nigga in front of Booker.

    Jericho owns Michael Cole.


    Booker T accidentally says nigga.

    "I hate you too!"

    "You have a vagina!"

    "Your momma sucks!"

    CM Punk shoot. (As requested by da boss)
  2. Seen all of those apart from the Vince McMahon one :O. I can't believe he was allowed to say that. Wow.
  3. That Punk one makes me laugh everytime I see it "Nice fohawk you homo!" :pity:
  4. Seen all of these. Just goes to show how hood Vinny Mac is
  5. VKM going into his power strut past Booker T after saying that is so classic.
  6. You should probably add the shoot here, even though it's a serious story-line thing, it's become incredibly viral, lol.
  7. :pity:

  8. Worked shoot*

    goddamn NOOB
  9. Actually it was a semi-worked shoot. It's known as the shoot promo so stfu noob :annoyed:

  11. Didn't happen on WWE, but I see it referenced around here a lot.
  12. I saw that on tosh.0

    I'm not gonna make fun of the guy. I feel the same way. I just feel obliged to be a ruthless smark because of peer pressure.