Those epic movie suondtracks

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Crayo, Oct 28, 2012.

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  1. You know those really awesome soundtracks movies have that get you all pumped up? Most of the time they're used in trailers, can we post a few here? Hoping to get a YT playlist full of them.
  2. Great start.

  3. Two of the best ever. The second one doesn't get you pumped up per se, but it's a fitting song for what is a pretty tragic and depressing movie.
  4. #LearnToSpellNoob

    It's Soundtracks :jeritroll:
  5. [video=youtube][/video]
  6. So far none of you except kane's first one has provided me with a video that has gotten in my playlist. I want real sick instrumentals.
  7. Okay.. I'll come up with some good ''suondtracks'' later.:lol1:

  8. best of all time.
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  9. The Requiem for a dream one really picks up with good string instruments.
  10. The Crow.
  11. One of my favourite films. :smug:
  12. What is a suondtrack?




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