Thought I'd give anyone a chance

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Saddlerrad, Apr 10, 2013.

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  1. Check this out please.

    Have a read through and check out the bids, chance is there for anyone on this forum to do the same. Best bid and terms count to.
  2. :no: far too lazy for that
  3. So you want people to write a lot of really descriptive reviews for the mere price of $1 or maybe $2 per review, but won't get paid for the first half of the year? That's really silly.

    Also, how could anyone possibly scam you? If you pay X per review, then you can't get scammed. I don't get how writing for half a year is the requirement "because you have been scammed".
  4. Don't these things charge by x amount of words usually subject to approval? Say $0.50 per 200 words. It's not inconceivable for a detailed Raw review to be 1000+ words IMO.
  5. The idea at the moment is to offer something derisory because most of these sites are populated by members from the middle east that are happy to work for an absolute pittance. I've seen people writing 3,000 word articles for no more than $0.50. If I start low it means I can get away with whatever for a while. Hey, call me a slave driver.
  6. If you want a non-wrestling fan from the middle east writing a high quality RAW review, then you'll definitely be paying for what you get.

    High quality content is worth more than that, but hey, saving a buck is always handy. Anyway, how does the no pay for half a year stop scamming?
  7. It doesn't, it just gives me space to receive content and then have time to pay the fees, instead of parting with $500 for someone who could be shit and then have to wait a good amount of time to be refunded. It's well within the rules, some of the developers want payment after work is completed and that can be for shit like 10 hours a day for 3 months until payment. It's all about getting a reputation on those kinds of sites.
  8. You spoke to me on Skype about this. I said $40 was fair for the 12 PPVs and like 3 months of RAW.
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