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The man with the rear that makes the girls cheer!
*Vanessa York is backstage with The Amazing H.*
Vanessa York: Hi H! It seems like we’re here a lot often.
The Amazing H: It sure does! This is not an unusual amount of backstage interviews at all.
*Vanessa chuckles.*
Vanessa York: This week is Feast or Fired and you have a match against Ty Creed. How do you feel going into that match, especially since you lost to Ben Song this weekend just gone?
The Amazing H: Lost is such a strong word, don’t you think? He endured me. It was an endurance battle and he lasted my onslaught. You saw, he just wouldn’t stay down. I’m kinda disappointed in myself but, there’s not much I can do except move forward...
Vanessa York: That’s the right attitude to have! Are you worried at all about potentially pulling down the Fired briefcase?
The Amazing H: A little... It doesn’t bother me as much since I’ve already confirmed my retirement in a few months’ time anyway, so this will just be shortening that. I would be upset at the fact I wouldn’t be able to go out the way I want to, but I think I would secretly relish the break.
Vanessa York: I for one would be upset to see you go...
The Amazing H: Aww, thank...
*The Amazing H is hit from behind.*


The Artiste
*Des nails H in the back with a double axe-handle. H then attempts to rise and turn to face his attack but is met with a big knee to the chest, sending him on his back. Des then deals a bunch of punches to H, but H is able to push him off. H goes to crawl but is met with a punt to the ribs, sending him back down.
At this point security rushes the area, attepting to pull Des away from H, who is now resting against the wall. Des delivers a heavy punch to one, knocking him on his ass. And to the second, Des deals a low blow with his boot before taking off down the hall, the last security guard trailing behind him in pursuit. The camera then pans to the left where we see-*


The man with the rear that makes the girls cheer!
*... Thomas Drago standing in the doorway, mouth open trying to comprehend what just happened. He looks around, trying to see if anyone else just witnessed what happened. The Amazing H is now wearing a shirt and holding a microphone. Thomas looks at him with a confused look on his face.*
Thomas Drago: ... Are... You ok..?
The Amazing H: What... Are you... Talking about..?
*H bends over trying to regain his breath.*
The Amazing H: I'm... Interviewer H. New guy...
Thomas Drago: I just saw what happened.
The Amazing H: You... *cough* Saw me? In this shirt?
Thomas Drago: Look... I don't know how you do this stuff. I don't know where you got that shirt from, or that microphone, but I just saw you get blindsided by Des Pierson.
Interviewer H: I don't know anything... I heard something happened and came over here to see what the fuss was about. What happened?
Thomas Drago: Are you interviewing me right now? That's my job!
Interviewer H: No, i'm new! You're a eye witness to... Something...
Thomas Drago: You were just attacked. Are you ok?
Interviewer H: I'm the one holding the microphone here! *Under his breath.* Ahh, God damn it... Listen, I just spoke to H not too long ago and...
Thomas Drago: Whaaaat?
Interviewer H: Gahh... And he said... He said that he'll repay the medical bills that Des owes. The Amazing H wants Des back. Right now...
Thomas Drago: Oh, he told you that?
Interviewer H: Yes... Just... Earlier...
Thomas Drago: Sure...
Interviewer H: So you get someone told. Get Des Pierson unsuspended. I want him... No wait, The Amazing H wants him in the ring as soon as possible.
Thomas Drago: Uh... Ok...
Interviewer H: Thanks for your time.
*Thomas stares at H for a few seconds. He then walks away with a confused look on his face.*
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