Thoughts on Beer Money's Reunion?

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  1. In an interesting turn of events, the legendary Beer Money team of Bobby Roode and James Storm reunited last night on Impact to take on Roode's rival Kurt Angle and Storm's former partner Gunner.

    I think the whole thing was well done, though the match itself could've been longer. And of course Taz and Mike could've sold it better than they did, but lets not forget they're idiots. Fun one night deal.

    They almost did the epic "Beer! Money!" thing, but weren't that lucky to see it one more time.
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  2. Totes want a full reunion.
  3. I have no idea how this came together or why but watched the video and it looked decent.
  4. That was pretty fun to watch really :obama: They still work great together, they had some cool spots like when Kurt got tagged in and Storm pulled Gunner away so it looked like Kurt didn't get tagged in, and when they finally began working as a team. Would like to see Beer Money sometime again in the future. It's great to see a successful TNA team reuniting.
  5. It's one of those things that make TNA great. Almost all of these guys came across as unique characters. Didn't really come across as a Beer Money reunion since they still despise each other. Taz had a great moment near the beginning of the match as they were talking about Beer Money's split and Storm getting hit with the beer bottle shot heard 'round the world. Then you see Kurt Angle in the corner who was the one Storm beat for the title, and remember just how hot all three of those characters were... and amidst this wonderful bit of nostalgia and reminders that these were three of TNA's top guys (arguably still the top guys since the main event angle is comedy) elevated Gunner by fitting in just fine.

    The storytelling with Storm was a lot of fun, saying "I hate this motherfucker so much that I'll even team with this asshole who's done all these despicable things for the past few years... stealing my title... stealing my title shot... beating me several times in underhanded ways.. All this other stuff this boy's done to piss me off, I'll team with him as a way to get my hands on that conniving bitch Gunner" That alone made this a really hot feud. Great job TNA.

    Guess this is just me, but it really feels like a bunch of unique characters with their own unique qualities in segments like this, not just "faces" and "heels". Love that.
  6. ^That was always a big thing with Bischoff. He hated 'faces' and 'heels' and just wanted to have a group of characters on the roster who fans could choose to boo or cheer.

    As for these two continuing to interact... Idk. I feel like Roode should be doing more important shit than rehashing anything with Storm.
  7. it was a cash in on some old quality TNA in hopes that TNA fans stop quitting on the company.

    IDGAF about it, i watched some bully shit on youtube and i plan on continuing that way, fuck TNA.
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