Politics Thoughts On #BlackLivesMatter

Discussion in 'Serious Topics & Debates' started by CM Punk, Jul 29, 2015.

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  1. Hey, what do YOU, the WWEF universe think of the trend of #BlackLivesMatter?

    Like, I get it, but I kind of don't.

    The background is that black people get killed and they want justice. But it's not like the world is ignoring it. Whenever a black person dies, it's possibly the biggest story out there, everyone understands that justice needs to be served. Just don't really get the hashtag trend of it.

    Someone explain it please.
  2. I hate the idea of a hashtag altogether tbh, it's an annoying cheap garbage legit 15 second type of marketing people machine. I like the idea, but like most good things in society, it is abused/corrupted/etc. Hashtags will not change anything IMO, it's the justice system handling the issue that should be being addressed it's just not a major part of the media when they put these cases on spotlight.
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  3. The thing that gets me with this is the White Lives Matter as well and there are plenty of Whites out there getting killed as well everyday. You would never see a hashtag that says #WhiteLivesMatter because that would cause such an uproar. I am so far from being a racist and it upsets me that many black people are dying senseless deaths each day, but how about a hashtag that says #ALLLIVESMATTER. I think that is way more appropriate.
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  4. Whenever i see something about twitter, it doesn't set right with me.

    I'd love to think that this hashtag would send across a good message, but the thing with twitter is that it's just a messaging platform that people know are going to use as a power movement. Thus ending that trend, ending that movement, and getting no where. why? Because as i stated above. Hashtagging in general has become a weaker (In my opinion) way to get your point across. It's doing no favours to those who have lost their lives.

    It's a very tragic thing when someone loses their life, but let's not lose sight of the fact that sitting behind your phone, or computer is doing nothing. Using your voice, standing up, educating people about equality within all races is something we should be focusing on. Detaching ourselves away from other races is doing us no good, and as much as i'd like for a world of peace, things like this will only drive people apart. Due to ignorance, Hate, and social media.
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    If I'm being honest here I'm a racist, nothing hardcore but I've had some negative experiences that have formulated an opinion that's not necessarily the prettiest, if you get me. That being said, I think the reason why blacks get killed by cops more often is because cops are scared around them. White or black cops, Asians, whatever, they know that the murder rates for blacks is very high and that even though they're 13% of the population they commit a big chunk of Americas crime. But this fear also stems from guns. Anyone in the U.S.A can get a gun in most states and cops will expect the worst. I'm not a gun grabber, however I see there's a gaping hole in the gun system that's being exploited somehow.

    I wish there was a way to fix the gun problem in the U.S. You can't take away peoples guns and strip them of that right - especially since soooo many criminals buy guns illegally, you don't want the only people armed being cops and criminals. So it's tough.
  6. Well then.
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  7. I think we're all a little racist tbh
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  8. It's a gimmick and manipulation by the media. Nothing more, nothing less.
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  9. The media loves to stir the pot with everything. I guess if they don't put controversy out there no one talks and the media is always looking for talking and a story.
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  10. It's what they do. It's funny, the same people who say fuck the media, will blindly follow anything the media says as long as it's something they agree with. Where were they when a black man took the life of another black man? And slavery? That's been around since human history can follow. It's not black versus white, it's humanity versus humanity. Manipulation of human morals and ignorance can be used to sway people's thoughts and mind set.
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    I have a bigger opinion on people that say "Hey, all lives matter!" then the #blacklivesmatter stuff.

    There's systemic racism in the U.S, you have to be blind not to see it. Black deaths making the news is a very recent trend, and even the reporting of bad stuff won't make it go away. It all boils down to who's benefited by default, and such hashtag is probably just a commentary on that. The hashtag is actually #BlacklivesmatterTOO

    The "too" is silent, so it's often countered with "Well, ALL lives matter". Yeah, no shit, sherlock, I really needed you to stop me from going on a black supremacist crusade, thanks for doing your part and now go fuck yourself. It's as if you're sitting on the table when everyone else has been served, and then you go like "hey, I deserve food" and the server says in condescendent fashion "now, now, junior, everyone deserves food" and then proceeds to do nothing.

    Long story short, blacks still get the short end of the stick, even when you factor in wealth, education and location. So the hashtag only brings attention to that, because as I said, it's a really recent fad that blacks make the news, and it is so because some proggressives are getting louder and more pissed at minorities being treated like shit.

    In the end, no one automatically is more relevant or have a better life for being white, after all, you can still be white and have a number of problems. But denying that being white is a advantage on its own right and boiling it down to "people vs people" like the poster above did is just naive. (no disrespect intended, @Serina )

    Ps: I don't even have twitter, just speaking from the perspective of those that use the hashtag
  12. Right, interesting opinion and thank you for the insult.
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  13. The difficult thing about this is the intent behind it. I usually come down on the black side of the argument. But both sides have racists who use this things as a way to express that racism. And on the other side, each side has non racists who use these terms and hashtags because they really want real equality. So, I try not to really make a judgement on the person for the expression. I prefer to find out what is behind the expression for each individual person before concluding what I think about it. I tend not to get into these trends, like using hashtags and such to make a point because very often, the trend gets very trendy and people start focusing on the novelty of it rather than the actual issue behind the trend.

    Do you remember that ice bucket challenge from a few years ago? I hated that thing and not because I didn't think it served a good purpose. I just knew so many people who did it and had absolutely no idea it was about ALS. They were doing the challenge because it was trendy and they weren't donating money. They were just doing the dumping and putting videos of them doing it online. For many, the message got lost because the trend became too trendy.
  14. I'm fine with it. This is the type of stupid shit white people get upset about like herp derp why isn't there white entertainment television or white history month?!?!?!

    shut the fuck up lol
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  15. #truth
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  16. It's only racist if it happens to blacks, mexicans or jews.
  17. To me this is one of them things that only the ignorant or uneducated will do proudly. Not all, but enough of inner city blacks kill each other, kill whites, kill cops... But the second a WHITE cop kills a black person, it is unacceptable. They make a huge deal about it then the cops don't want to go anywhere near these areas. What happens? Blacks kill more blacks and now they complain there are no cops around and the streets aren't safe. I am not trying to come off racist but this happens more than it should. It just pisses me off that no matter what is done for their community, they aren't happy.
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  18. Yeah, fuck these whiny poor people. The cops are also totes cool with black people and racism died on 1964. Srsly, why no one care about whites ? :/
  19. Most cops hate everyone, not just one race. They are dicks to everyone or no one. And true racism is nearly gone in the US. People are too damn sensitive.
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