Thoughts on Cena's departure

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Mr. Roman Empire, Oct 28, 2015.

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  1. When I watch Hell in a Cell back, I noticed that Cena looked less than thrilled to be there. The face he makes when he says "LA is the place to be" and the way he looks at the camera to plug to the WWE network look like he was annoyed with having to be there. Also the way he tells and motions the crowd to get up after he's done talking. Not to mention all the boos from the crowd and how he put on an unexpected short match and dropped the title so easily to a guy who was fired from the company for slapping an employee and now is being brought back probably only to fill some kind of racial void for the hispanic viewers and emphasizing on it by make him the US champions.

    You gotta wonder if he's sick of all the BS behind the scenes and is tired of being taken for granted sometimes by the fans. Especially now that he's older and the most famous he's ever been, he's gotta know he can go make movies and all that. I'm sure he's got a TON of offers but can't accept them on his own because Vince probably has the rights to his name. Do you think Cena is getting tired of the WWE Universe and ready to move on?
  2. Do you think Cena is getting tired of the WWE Universe and ready to move on?

    Not likely. He is taking time off for one of 3 reasons... He just needs a break for family/friend time and time to himself, Vince is refreshing him, or he is filming a movie. I would say Nikki and him are up to something but she is not taking time off so that is out the bag. Just my guesses though.
  3. You could see it at HIAC, Cena was already on vacation, both physically and mentally. Come back as a heel, Jawn, plz!
    Even though I don't like the guy, I hope everything's alright with him. He's probably taken time off for some me time and to rejuvenate himself.
  4. Cena is one of the few reasons to watch RAW in my opinion, it's really sad.. It just goes to show the lack of interest in everyone else on the roster..
  5. I wish
  6. Cena isn't mad at WWE or getting sick of shit. The dude just needs time off. This has happened before and he's getting a little older.

    Nothing more, nothing less.
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