Thoughts on Certified Gs?

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  1. Okay boys and girls for those of you who watch NXT, the Certified Gs are one of the tag teams on the show made up of Big Cass (Colin Cassidy) and Enzo Amore.. I was just wondering about people's thoughts on these guys, they seem to be the WWE's version of the BroMans except more likeable imo.

    Personally I think these guys are what the Main roster needs to add to the Tag Team division instead instead of teams like los matadores. They both have a comedic element to them, their #SAWFT chants are pretty over with the NXT universe and I think it could actually carry over into the WWE main event universe pretty well.

    If you have thoughts about them feel free to share.
  2. I like Enzo, he's funny. And Big Cass is a tall mofo for sure, but I've never seen much of them in the ring. Couple of times maybe.
  3. They have the mic skills to pay the bills but ur right they haven't done an awful lot soo far, I'm thinking when the Ascension is done with their reign as NXT Tag Team Champs then they will get called upto the main roster and the Certified Gs will have a run with the titles.
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  4. Off topic (sort of) but I hope since Swagger was kicked out of the real americans that Krueger comes up and takes his spot.

    Also, how many other solid tag teams are there in NXT right now? Having a hard time thinking of that. I know I've seen a couple but they've been made up of no names. Well, no names that I know of anyway.
  5. Currently: The Ascension, Certified Gs, Hunico & Camacho (not so much lately with Hunico playing Sin Cara role), other than that there's really not much. Other than that they're usually just people on the roster thrown together at the moment (eg: Tyler Breeze & CJ Parker). It's pretty weak at the moment so they probably won't make any moves until they can get another solid team in there.
  6. I dig em I'd totally rock a #SAWFT SHIRT
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