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    So in case you missed it: Last night at the NXT tapings Triple H announced that on February 27, NXT will be taped live for the first time to be broadcast on the network, as a special live event. And they seem to be going full out on this episode with a second 2 out of 3 falls match between Zayn and Cesaro and the first ever ladder match in NXT history between Bo and Neville.

    What are your thoughts on NXT going live for specials? Would you like to see more live NXT's in the future?
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  2. Pretty sure it's a one-off to celebrate the launch of WWE Network.
  3. Its nice, it gives them experience of being live if they were on Raw
  4. I intend to be watching that night, gotta give all the support I can not too mention the network sounds like such a steal when you look at it each time :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  5. I'm sure it'll be an awesome show (unless Vince is involved in the booking or something), and it's always great to see NXT getting the spotlight like this. I suppose other live episodes couldn't hurt.
  6. Also, didn't Emma challenge Paige for the title for the live NXT or did I read that wrong?
  7. You read it wrong. She told Paige to get healthy so she can get her title match. No specific date.
  8. They should probably go for a live show per month. That could be their" PPVs"
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  9. Will give them live experience, but could end up being shit... We'll have to wait and see.
  10. I like it. It gives the up and coming talent a chance to showcase their skill to a new audience and hopefully gain new viewership as a result of their matches. It seems like a good thing all the way around for the WWE.
  11. It could replace Main Event on iON TV. I barely get to watch NXT but when I do I want to see more.
  12. I think its a good idea. Just those 2 matches you mentioned have got me pumped already.

    Awesome sig. Just saw that episode the other day. Hilarious.
  13. Would be great to give them live experience
  14. Wow two great matches to come, can we expect Paige vs Emma for the NXT Women's Title as well?
  15. Live doesn't do anything for me, but isn't this coming on against Impact?
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  16. I think they are using NXT to give them a run for their money lol

    Any how - I don't watch NXT but I have heard great things about it. If it is on the network, I will likely watch some matches.
  17. I don't know if I'm going to be able to watch it live as the Network will only be available in America at the time (and I don't want to pay all the additional fees to get past the geoblocking to get the network), but it looks like it's going to be a good show with a stacked card. Can't wait.
  18. I wonder if I can watch it on
  19. Its on the WWE Network in the free trial week.
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