Thoughts on Russo & Bischoff?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Mr. Roman Empire, Dec 27, 2015.

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  1. Vince Russo Responds To JBL, Says JBL And WWE Didn't Let Him Tell His Side Of The Story, More -

    Russo claims that Bash at the Beach was a work. Bischoff claims it was pretty much a shoot. Hulk Hogan apparently knew nothing about it. What are your guys thoughts on the situation? Whose side are you taking?

    Russo makes a good point that it wasn't a shoot because of the repercussions that would of been received from the network for going against the script. But Hogan did sue him and ended up being his last match in WCW

    Also what are your thoughts on Russo in general? Bischoff as well? I really like Eric Bischoff but I think Vince Russo is a fuckin jerk off lol.
  2. I like what Russo done with Viagra, pioneering shit right there.:russo:
  3. Vince Russo, sucks. I mean to say that he was the mastermind behind the Attitude Era, is a real overstatement. Vince McMahon knows whats up, in times of need and freedom. He had the freedom to rock the boat of wrestling, and was in-trouble. He walked into the writers office, chose the most batshit retarded one there, and asked him to shoot everything he has - at him. And that was that.

    I trust Eric, much more. That's not saying much, but I'd trust a man who actually rebuilt a company - with his barehands. Not a man who drove two, 6-feet under. That's right, two companies. One more time...Vic. [​IMG]

    If it was a work, then why did Hulk Hogan leave, and have nothing to do with the company, afterwards? Why was J e double F, legit pissed (from what I've read). The guys lies on the daily, so much for his new found faith. lol.
  4. Wasn't it more of a case of Vinnie Mac being the filter rather than the brains?
  5. If he filtered the most successful ideas, than doesn't he deserve credit for it?
  6. The truth is likely somewhere in between. I can't really say I believe Hogan or Bischoff because it's hard to believe just about anything that comes out of Hogan's mouth. When Hogan tells the story, he starts off with a lie, claiming it was the first and only time he ever used his creative control. However Hogan notoriously used his creative control to influence his second match in WCW. Hogan himself has given other examples of times he used it. So it's hard to know.

    Why would Hogan leave? Because the scenario actually makes him look good. It made Russo look like a crybaby and Hogan looked like he took the highroad and left. I mean, I hate Hogan, but he did have the creative control clause in his contract so technically by using it, he didn't do anything wrong. He exercised a right that he was promised by WCW. Russo looked like a crybaby and Hogan left looking like the better man...and coming from me, that is quite a statement.

    So if it was a shoot, then Russo looks worse than Hogan. But if it was a a work, everyone looks the same because it was just a story.

    So that being said, it also benefits Russo to say it was a work if it wasn't. He doesn't look as bad if it was just a story that everyone was involved in.

    In other words, I really don't believe any of them and now my head hurts.

  7. I'm a mark for Russo. Not his writing, but I love the character of Vince Russo and the fact his name is brought up to this day whenever shit is booked anywhere. Also the fact he tries to say wrestling should be more real and books a bunch of worked shoots, admitting it is fake. Also rocks an amazing mustache occasionally. Bischoff is a geek though, he sells for birds.
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  8. Vince Russo has been caught out lying so many times it's embarrassing. Just go home Vince.
  9. I do agree with Russo that wrestling needs more entertainment and storyline elements. I feel like thats what WWE lacks the most nowadays
  10. I don't give a toss about either of them.
  11. Russo has worked himself into so many shoots he doesn't know what is shoot or work anymore. His own personal kayfabe is shattered.

    But at least he's not a angry old racist like Cornette
  12. What did Cornette say that was racist?
  13. He went on a almost month long anti muslim rant on his podcast. Making the MLW podcast network issue a statement. And this is the same network that pays Konnan to shoot on various sleezy Mexican wrestlers and promoters, and the Bullet Club to talk about Japanese people while drunk. They don't historically have a problem with "the edgy". But cornette caused enough outcry among their listeners to force them to take action.
  14. Haha Jim Cornette is the man. Does some of the funniest interviews. I don't care if he's racist or whatever
  15. Hahaha, the sells for birds line had me rolling. He SOLD for the bird!

    Keep in mind that moment was because they had to keep Bischoff backstage so he wouldn't INTERFERE in a CAGE MATCH with FOUR MEN guarding the ring. Vince Russo, everyone! A match that, of course, ended in interference. :emoji_grin:

    (Actually forget Russo. I'm convinced that a double cage match, with one made of barbed wire and the other on fire, with no door and 30 men around the ring, will end in interference.)

    I'm actually a mark for Russo. While his booking has his flaws, his shows are never boring. He always has interesting characters doing stuff, and you never quite know what's on his mind (except for the predictable PPV finishes). You can argue how much money you'll make or stars you'll create, but... Screw it, just entertain us, or piss us off. Anything is better than apathy in wrestling, right?

    Bischoff I have little patience for, but he was a visionary whose impact on the business can still be fe!t, for better or worse...

    Actually, the next versions of Russo and Bischoff are what we oughta be looking for. Russo was a writer from the outside who brought a fresh mindset to the world of pro wrestling, while Bischoff modernized the production end as well as other backstage stuff. Find some people outside the business to create something new that actually works in 2015, and you'll wind up with... Something like LUG.

    Oughta watch the shoot though. Fascinates me how much the key characters in the Monday Night Wars legit want to kill each other. You'd never expect Cary Siklin to shoot on how much Dixie Carter sucks.
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