Thoughts on Sheamus so far

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Mr. Roman Empire, Dec 1, 2015.

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    Surprisingly enough I think Sheamus is actually doing a really good job at being Champion. And I really had my doubts when he won the title, I thought he was going to make the absolute worst champion right now but he impressed me on Raw tonight. His promo work is excellent, he delivers his dialogue well (unlike Roman) some of the lines he said tonight literally had me laugh out loud (especially when he grabbed Lillian Garcia lol) He has the perfect balance of being a hard ass, but yet cowardly (unlike Seth Rollins) as well as being obnoxious and egotistical to get heat, which is what being heel is all about. And now that he has his own stable, The League of Nations, it adds more dominance to his character outside of just being the champion and in the Authority.

    I must say Sheamus is a way better pick for a champion then Roman Reigns. And has potential to be booked even better than Seth Rollins, in my opinion.

    How do you guys feel?
  2. He's doing alright, but he just isn't an interesting enough presence or character for me to want to see at the top of the card. The League of Nations idea is a pretty cool idea, though. Gets Barrett into something that feels slightly meaningful for once (even if he will mostly just play the role of someone else's lackey) and it means Sheamus is being allowed to sort of 'do his own thing' while also being fully endorsed and supported by The Authority.
  3. Meh, I like my Sheamus in the midcard.

    Hope he doesn't hold on to the title past the Royal Rumble, though.
  4. Mayonnaise lobster head
  5. Sheamus sucks. Please. He's buddy buddy with triple h and that's the only reason he has a successful. He can suck Irish cock
  6. Harsh. I definitely had no faith in him at all when he won at SS, and even before that when he won the Money in the Bank. But you gotta admit, he was pretty entertaining last night. He's embracing this title run, and its really refreshing for his character. Unfortunately he will drop the belt soon and Roman is gonna really stink up the title, hard. Then I guarantee people are going to be bitching even harder and realize that Sheamus wasn't all that terrible.

    Sheamus entertained me more last night then any segment that Seth Rollins has done since he became champion (in terms of promos, not matches)

    "Sheamus 5:15 said I just whipped your arse!"

    That shit was hilarious
  7. Reigns won't stink up the title because he will be booked to win all the time. That'll be refreshing, because it hasn't been done with Jawn Cena in a while. lol
  8. I really do enjoy him, now. At first I was cynical and being skeptical of his run. But I figured he can do a relatively good job. He's kind of straying away from the Tough Bottle of Mayo gimmick and going for a more heelish gimmick. I also like the League of Nations.
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  9. Reigns is already booked to win all the time. It'll be the same old shit. Reigns just can't cut it as a babyface.

    I have a theory though. I think he will win the title at Royal Rumble. Lesnar is going to win the Rumble. So its face vs face. At Wm32 he will turn heel and align himself with HHH in order to defeat Brock Lesnar.
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  10. Meh. Not a fan of his.

  11. I agree.

    I can see that happening, too... If Vince pulls his head out of his ass.

    But the thing is, Vince is too stubborn and he's probably thinking REIGNS WILL WORK AS A FACE AND GET CHEERED OR HE AIN'T GONNA WORK AT ALL, GOD DAMMIT! #Logic

    Reigns has to be universally hated, before he's universally loved. So, yeah, they should pull the [heel] trigger at Mania, since they missed that opportunity at Survivor Series.
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  12. And thats thing too, Reigns will go over so well as a heel. People will be cheering the moment that he does (if he does)
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  13. That's what I'm thinking, as well. God, I was so disappointed when they didn't pull the trigger on either Reigns or Ambrose, and went with that lame ass scenario. Oh, well.
  14. I like sheamus, but I feel like there is something missing, idk. I think with the roster the way it is, any new champion would make me feel underwhelmed, as Raw has been feeling like Jobberville lately. Even the league of nations, which is a great concept, didn't get me excited.

    I the way the title changed hands had a lot to do with it. The way Brock, Seth, Randy, etc. became champion all felt very legitimate. but a tacked-on cash-in on a measly tournament for a vacated title on a B-PPV felt very bizarre.
  15. I haven't seen the latest 3 RAW's or so but his match with Cesaro was great (then again who doesn't have a great match with the Swiss Superman?)... I don't really care about him much tbh, I'd love for Brock to show up. That's the best way to get me hyped for Sheamus. Or if Bryan shows up.

    I agree with Green Jesus, right now especially with LOLREIGNSWINS, Sheamus doesn't give off the "he's a legit fighter" vibe that a Lesnar does. With Seth he could pull off being a chickenshit at times but Sheamus just feels like he's bullying the little guys and then pussies out. It's like WWE doesn't realise that a non-Lesnar or 'Taker heel can have balls sometimes.
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